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Chapter Five

Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating much lately, but I haven't gotten any writing done on any of my three stories since school ended. I have however been working on two one shots. One is about Andrew Orpik, the brother of Penguins' defenseman Brooks Orpik. That one shot is currently posted and it would mean a great deal if you guys checked it out and commented. The other one shot is about Eric Godard and should be posted in the next few days. In the mean time please enjoy this chapter, comments are greatly appreciated.

Chapter Five

“We should get going to we can make it to Val-d’Or before midnight.”

“Okay,” Nikki said reaching for her bag.

“I’ve got it,” Kris took the duffle bag and started for the parking lot and the car. “I know it’s little but it gets the job done.” He opened the car door and put Nikki’s bags in the back.

“C’est mignon ,” she said with a smile.

“I’ll be sure to tell Luc, it’s his.” When they were both in the front seat Kris started the car and the music blasted. “Sorry,” Kris said, quickly turning it all the way down.

“It’s okay, is that Journey?” Nikki reached to the center console and turned the music back up.

Kris nodded with a smile on his face as ‘Any Way You Want It’ played and Nikki sang along. In English of course. ‘She likes Journey,’ he thought to himself. When the song ended and a slower, softer one began they talked about the flight and school that day.

Kris was ecstatic that Nikki was visiting. He had missed her so much over the past two months. Although she would be in Canada with him for five days that five days wouldn’t be enough. Saying good-bye to her the first time was head and he knew that this time would be even worse.

“So are you hungry?” he asked at around seven.

“Kind of, yeah.”

A few moments later they pulled off the highway and soon were in line at a McDonald’s drive-thru. “Probably not what you were expecting when you got to Canada, but it’s quick.” After ordering their food Nikki went to pull some of her new Canadian money from her pocket. “Put the money back, I’ve got it.” Kris said pulling his wallet from his back pocket.

“No it’s fine, it’s my mom’s money anyway.”

“I’m buying you dinner,” he said in a stern, yet sweet voice. “Put the money away.”

She slid her wallet back into her pocket as Kris turned to hand the money to the woman at the window. Nikki couldn’t help but smile. ‘Don’t think too much of it,’ she told herself. ‘He’s just a friend, friends buy each other stuff all the time.’

Kris was also having thoughts like this. ‘Obviously she doesn’t like me as more than a friend,’ he told himself as they waited to pull up to the pick-up window. ‘She was going to pay for her own food, sign of just friendship. But there’s nothing wrong with just being friends,’ he assured himself as their meals were handed through the window.

If only they knew what the other was thinking, and how far off from the truth they really were. Neither had stopped smiling since they made eye contact in the airport. But of course neither had noticed.

Although they had talked every night for the last two months they still found things to talk about for all five hours of the trip. It was just passed eleven when they got to Val-d’Or and they were pulling p to the apartment building within ten minutes. “Home sweet home.” Kris shut off the car and took the key from the ignition. “Well at least during the season.”

After grabbing Nikki’s bags from the backseat Kris led her to the second floor, three bedroom apartment He led her to her room, the guest room. It was a small room with a twin bed and a small dresser with a mirror attached. “I know it’s not much but we don’t have very many people stay with us and it’s better than the living room couch.”

“It’s fine, thank you Kris.”

“No problem. I’ve gotta be up for morning skate, I’m sure you’ll want to sleep in, but you can help yourself to whatever you find in the fridge.”

“Okay, goodnight Kristopher.”

“Goodnight Nicolette,” Kris pulled her into a hg and didn’t want to let go. Nikki didn’t want to leave Kris’ arms either but after a few seconds they both felt that they should let go.

Kris smiled while closing the door to the hall and went to his room, exhausted from driving for ten hours. He had barely gotten into bed and pulled the covers over himself before he was sleeping peacefully.

Nikki finally found her pajamas at the bottom of her bag and once she had changed from her jeans she realized just how tired she was from her trip. She crawled into bed and Kris’ scent was still on her t-shirt. She smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

When Luc and Kris woke up the next morning they got ready for morning skate and Kris left a note for Nikki. Skate was set to start at ten so the two best friends left at nine fifteen , allowing themselves to get to the arena and suited up before their coach called them to center ice.

Nikki woke up at ten-fifteen and it took a moment for her to remember where she was. ‘I’m in Kris’ guest room,’ she thought to herself and smiled. “I’m in Canada,” she said out loud this time. She laid back in bed for a few more minutes before finding her way to the kitchen she had passed the night before. On the counter she found a note written in Kris’ neat hand-writing.

Luc and I are at morning skate and should be back before noon. Help yourself to anything you find in the fridge. There’s clean towels in the bathroom at the end of the hall, so you can shower whenever you want. Just make yourself at home. And Luc can’t wait to meet you later. See you soon.

Of course the note was in French and Nikki smiled.

She decided that she would shower than then find something to eat. She went back to her room, picking out an outfit and finding the bathroom at the end of the hall. After pulling the shower curtain closed she found the perfect temperature and just let the water run over her for a moment. She turned to the small shelf where a bottle of SauvĂ© extra volume sat. “So this is how he gets his hair like that,” she smiled.

She found her way back to the kitchen in a pair of jeans and Sidney Crosby t-shirt and smelling of Irish Spring. She looked through the refrigerator for a few minutes before deciding to make scrambled eggs. Once the eggs were made and everything was cleaned up she went back to look for ketchup, she was a true Pittsburgher.

“Did you find something to eat?” Kris asked when he got home.

“Yeah, I used the last of your ketchup though.”

“On what?”

“Scrambled eggs.”

“You Americans are odd,” Luc said with a smile.

“No, it’s a Pittsburgh thing,” Nikki smiled.

“Oh, Nikki this is my best friend Luc Bourdon, Luc, Nikki James.”

“Nice to meet you,” Luc said with a heavy accent.

Luc and Kris went to take their pre-game naps after being wished sweet dreams by Nikki. Nikki sat down on to watch some TV until the boys woke up. Flipping through the channels she saw the beauty of Canada. She looked out the living room window for the first time and saw that it had snowed over night and was lightly snowing then.

When Kris and Luc woke up they made pasta for dinner and Nikki was happy to see that not only could Kris play hockey, but he could cook too.

As it got closer to game time Nikki got more and more excited about seeing Kris play again. She was also excited to be able to wish him luck in person again. Kris was also excited for the same reasons. Nikki had wished him luck before every game for the last two months and he appreciated it. But good luck in a text wasn’t as good as having her say it to him and actually watch the game.

Opening face-off would happen at seven o’clock so the Foreurs and their guest arrived at Centre Air Crebec at five-fifteen. It reminded Nikki of one of the many “arenas” in Pittsburgh. Kris led Nikki to the locker room and introduced her to all of the guys who were there. As always she wore a Penguins’ hat, but that didn’t stop the guys from staring.

When it was almost time for the players to take the ice Nikki found her seat. The arena was small compared to a professional hockey arena, only seating a few thousand, but it was enough for this junior hockey team.

“I see why you like her,” Luc said to Kris in the locker room.

Kris was still smiling from when she had whispered good luck and give him a hug. He didn’t know what it was about her, her smile, her kindness, or her love for hockey. Whatever it was Kris couldn’t stop thinking about Nicolette James. He did somehow push the thoughts of her to the back of his mind though when they took the ice.

During the pre-game skate most of the seats behind the Foreurs bench were empty. One special one though was occupied. Nikki sat happily a few row behind the bench and was excited to see Kris skating again. Kris looked up to Nikki flashing a smile and she returned it. She motioned for him to go back to warming up and took her camera from her hoodie pocket. She took pictures of all of the Foreurs as they passed the bench and she seemed to take a lot more pictures of Kris and anyone else.

As the seconds ticked off the clock above game time drew closer and Nikki’s excitement grew.

The Foreurs wore white with yellow and green on the shoulders and logo in the center. The Oceanic wore blue. Kris and Luc were out as part of the starting line-up and Nikki sat on the edge of the seat.

Rimouski scored first but Val-d’Or came back to win the game three to one. One of those goals had been scored by Kris in the second period. When he tickled the twine he celebrated with his teammates before finding Nikki’s smiling face in the crowd.

“Kris!” Nikki said excitedly after finding her way to the Foreurs’ locker room. “Great job, you too Luc.”

Both guys smiled, accepting hugs from Nikki before showering.

The ride home was short and was spent discussing the game. Both Kris and Luc had played extremely well and Nikki was glad that she got to see Kris play again. The entire time Nikki had been with the two guys they spoke French and she found it relaxing.

After arriving back at the apartment the three friends sat around talking about Pittsburgh, hockey, and anything else that came to mind. The next day was an off day because it was Christmas Eve so they stayed up late talking. At around one-thirty the two guys decided that they should probably get some rest.

“Goodnight Nikki, night Kris,” Luc said getting up from the couch and starting for his room.

“Night,” Kris and Nikki said in unison causing Luc to smile.

“We should probably get to bed too,” Kris said getting up from the couch. Nikki nodded with a smile as Kris reached out his hand to help her up. Kris quickly let go when she was standing, although he certainly didn’t want to. Nikki wouldn’t have objected and when he let go she was upset.

‘He doesn’t like me like that,’ she told herself. ‘We’re just friends.’

Kris stopped at Nikki’s door and pulled her into a hug. “Bon huit, Nicolette.”

“Bon huit, Kristopher.” When finally released from his grasp she reached for the door handle. “Bon huit.”

Kris smiled and started towards his room as Nikki entered her room and slowly closed the door, not wanting to look away from Kris. Eventually she did though when Kris got to his room. Nikki sat down on the bed, well the bed that she was using and let her thoughts take over. ‘Who would have thought that learning French would have such a pay off? Six years of studying was definitely worth this.’ She smiled as she though this. Almost the whole time she had been there they had only spoken French, and she was glad. Learning French was what got her there. And as much as she enjoyed hearing Kris speak English, French just rolled off his tongue. The accent was really what got her and she couldn’t help but smile every time he spoke.

Soon those thoughts drifted into dreams of actually being with Kris. He kissed her cheek and held her close, exactly what she wanted in real life.

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One shot?

Hey guys, I just posted a one shot that I'm very proud of and would greatly appreciate if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you very much.

She Said Yes

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chapter Four

The remainder of October and all of November passed bring the beginning of winter and the first snow of the year. November thirtieth Nikki walked out of school with her phone in hand, texting Kris. Nothing had changed between them, they still talked everyday, and both still secretly had feelings for each other. Both the Foreurs and Penguins were doing well and Nikki kept up with both teams.

'Kris it's snowing!' she said excitedly, wiping the snowflake off the screen of her phone.
She walked down the street with Michelle and waited for Kris to text back. 'That's good, I love snow.'

'Probably because you're Canadian,' she typed, laughing out loud. 'Tonight's the night I ask about Christmas break.'

And that's exactly what she did. Nikki went straight home and sat down to eat dinner with her family. The discussion was something about history, mostly because Nikki's little brother had a question for his homework and her dad went on to tell a story. When the history lesson was ended Nikki spoke up. "Do we have any big plans for Christmas?"

"For now just your grandmother's on Christmas Eve," her mom said. "Why, do you have plans?"

"Um," she took a sip of her water. "I was just wondering if maybe I could visit a friend, with some friends."

"Where does this friend live?"

"Canada," she put a piece of meatloaf in her mouth.

"Yeah right, they're gonna let you go to Canada," he brother laughed and she shot a glare across the table.

"We'll talk about it," her dad said.

Nikki sighed and sat back in her seat. It had definitely gone better than she had originally though it would. When the table was cleared of dishes and little children Nikki and her parents discussed her trip to Canada. After about an hour a final decision was made.

"NIKKI!" Shelby said walking in to psych the next day. "How'd it go?" she asked when Nikki looked up."

"I'm going to Canada over Christmas break," she said excitedly.

"Oh my god, does Kris know?"

"No, he had a game last night and I didn't want to tell him in a text."

"You think he'll be excited?" Shelby asked quietly as their teacher, Mr. Bishop, told them to open their books, a rare occurrence.

"I hope so, I really miss the kid."

"Well that gives you something to look forward to."

After school Nikki was excited that it was Friday as she walked with Michelle to her bus stop before going to Sam's house for dinner. While watching House at around nine Nikki received a text from Kris asking if it was okay for him to call.

"Hello?" Nikki asked not more than thirty seconds after sending the reply of, 'Of course.'

"Hello Nicolette, so did you ask your parents last night?"

"Mhm, I hope Val-d'Or is pretty for Christmas," she said, smiling.

"It's beautiful," he smiled and gave a thumbs up to Luc who sat on the other end of the couch. "I think you'll like it here, are your friends coming with you?"

"No, our parents didn't trust us with a car in a foreign country. So I bought my plane ticket last night, after looking at your game schedule." She said proud of herself. "I'm getting an early dismissal from school on the twenty-second and I'll be landing in Montreal at six pm."

"Bon," he said trying to hide exactly how excited he was. "I'll have to get you a ticket for when Rimouski's in town on the twenty-third."

They decided that they should wait until it got closer to Christmas break to makes plans and talked about other things. At midnight though Sam's mom told the girls that they had to go upstairs if they wanted to stay up and they took that as their cue to go to bed.

"Well Kristopher it's been a long day and week so I'm gonna go to bed."

"Okay, goodnight Nicolette."

"Goodnight Kristopher." She pit her phone on the nightstand and talked to Sam for about an hour about some of the most random things anyone could ever think about. It was a usual occurrence when one slept over the other's house, school, and childhood were two of the top topics.

In Val-d'Or Luc sat on the couch watching a movie when Kris hung up. He rested his head back against the couch with a smile on his face when he dropped his phone to his lap.

"So I take it Nikki and her friends are coming over Christmas?"

"Just Nikki, their parents didn't trust them in a foreign country with a car."

"So they trust her alone in Canada with you?" he asked smiling.

"Obviously if they're letting her come. What's not to trust though, I'm too afraid to tell her that I like her. Nothing will happen and you know that."

"Alright man, I'm going to bed."

Luc went to bed and a few moments later Kris too went to bed.

The weekend was uneventful except for the Penguins' game that took place Sunday afternoon that Nikki missed band practice for.


Over the next two weeks Nikki was busy with Penguins' games and school. Taking AP English was not the best idea that she had had and had a paper due almost every week. The choir Christmas concert was coming up which meant that all of majors was choir, making it harder to text.

Kris, Luc, and the rest of Foreurs continued with there winning ways and so did the Pens.

Nikki's concert was Thursday and the next day she would be leaving early to go to Montreal, and she still had to pack. When the concert ended she quickly hugged all over her friends and when she arrived home started looking for things to pack. "All Penguins," she said to herself looking through her clothes.

Ten o'clock came, she was showered and packed and was awaiting either a phone call or text. He phone finally buzzed at around ten-fifteen and she answered excitedly.

"You ready for your trip tomorrow?"

"Mhm, can you help me make sure that I have everything I need?"

"Sure; clothes, toothbrush, passport, plane ticket, something to do on the plane."
"Got it all, do I need to bring shampoo?"

"No, you can borrow shampoo, and towels, and stuff."

"Kay, well I still have school tomorrow and I want to be rested when I get to Canada."
"Okay," he said with a laugh. "I'll see you at the airport tomorrow."

They said good-bye before hanging up, Kris getting home and Nikki getting into bed. All Nikki could think about was how excited she was to be going to Canada the next day. She hadn't been there since she was ten and that's when it was like the rest of the world. It was summer when she went, she wanted to see Canada in the winter, in all its glory.

Nikki was also excited to see Kris, it had been almost two month since she had seen him and she missed him. She missed looking into his chocolate brown eyes when he spoke and watching him run his fingers through his hair when he was nervous. Along with wanting to see Kris she wanted to meet the infamous Luc that Kris spoke so fondly of.

These thoughts soon turned to dreams and those dreams were interrupted by the sound of her cell phone vibrating on the table next to the bed. She groaned hitting the snooze button before reality hit her. "I'm seeing Kris today!" She said out loud.

She quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a hoodie over her Pens shirt and when she was ready she sat down in front of her computer. Her background was of the Penguins and was from when Kris was still playing for them. He just so happened to be in the center of the picture. After reading an article on the Pens' site Nikki glanced down at the corner of the screen to see that it was seven o'clock, time to go.

Classes went slowly until it was finally time to leave at noon. As she stepped out of school to meet her mom she pulled her phone from her pocket, excited to be starting her trip. 'Leaving school now, only six hours until I get to MN.'

Kris saw the text shortly after it arrived. She would be arriving in Montreal in six hours which meant he needed to be too. 'Can't wait to see you, the five hour drive to do so won't be fun though.'

Nikki grabbed her bags from home and arrived at the airport at around one thirty after spending a little time at home. Security and baggage check lines were crazy and Nikki was incredibly bored since she was unable to talk to anyone.

Kris started his trek towards Montreal shortly after texting Nikki. He had changed into his street clothes following practice, dropped Luc off at the apartment, and started the long five hour drive. Music kept him from going insane on the drive as he went through six cds.

Once she had checked her bags and been through security Nikki bought a small bag of cheddar sour cream chips and a bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi. She sat down at the gate and took her phone from her pocket to see that it was only three o'clock. He flight wasn't supposed to take off until four which meant that she had at least half an hour until her boarding call would come. The seat next to her was empty so she put her feet up and pulled her notebook from her bag in which she had been writing a simple story that she promised no one would ever see.

She scribbled down a few lines about the young hockey player before she was finally allowed to make her way to the plane. Finding her seat wasn't very hard. It was in the middle and as she had wanted, a window seat. It wasn't the first time she would be flying alone, but she hoped that it wouldn't be as 'eventful' as the last time.

"Good afternoon everyone, my name is Jean and I'm your captain today. Our flight is scheduled to land in Montreal, Quebec at six pm and will last one hour and fifty-seven minutes." The man said in a thick French-Canadian accent. "We will be taking off shortly, thank you for flying Air Canada."

Nikki buckled her seat belt and didn't pay much attention to the safety demonstration having seen it multiple times.

The plane took off at four o'clock exactly and when it was safe Nikki pulled her MP3 player from her bag. Trying very had to not sing along she let her thoughts wonder. 'Canada for Christmas,' she thought. 'And I get to see Kris. God I miss him, wonder if he misses me? What if he's just trying to be nice by letting be come see him? What happens if he doesn't want to be friends anymore?' She stopped her thoughts there and looked down to see that she was listening to 'Tears Don't Fall' by Bullet For My Valentine.

'Wow what's with all the depression?' she asked, searching through the songs until she came to her favorite song, 'Don't Stop Believing.'

Kris also listened to Journey on his trip, all of the greatest hits. He pulled into the parking lot at the airport just after five thirty and made his way to baggage claim just as Nikki's plane was landing.

Nikki slowly walked through the airport, taking everything in. She went to find her one checked bad and after waiting about ten minutes it came down the conveyor belt and she picked it up with ease. She turned around to see a tall man with dark chocolate brown eyes, dark brown hair pulled back under an RBK hat, Kristopher.

"Bonjour Nicolette."

"Bonjour Kristopher."

Everyone around them in the busy airport spoke French. Nikki spoke to Kris in French as well but with her American accent she stuck out. Many different dialects were being spoken with different accents, but none seemed as smooth as Kris', at least not to Nikki.

She had heard his voice the night before, but hearing it on the phone was nothing like the experience of hearing it in person. She wished that he wasn't wearing that hat and that she could see his hair. She knew though that a backwards baseball cap was both his and her own style, and she adjusted the black Penguins' hat she was wearing. The ends that stuck out from under his hat were enough for her, leaving the rest to the imagination.

Once they made it passed the crowded part of the airport they moved to a tiny area and Kris pulled her into a hug. "I've missed you Nikki," the first thing he had said in English all night.

"I've missed you too," she smiled as she breathed in his intoxicating scent. "I like it better when we speak in French." He held her at arms length and she smiled, embarrassed. "I didn't mean to say that out loud."

"It's okay," he smiled. "We can speak in French if you want," he said in French.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meeting Young Sidney

So this is where you're going to want to kill me. *sheilds face* Sidney Crosby pulled out of the parking lot and decided that he was going to sign. We were told to get in an orderly line and that he would sign for all of us. We all got in line, I was either the third or fourth. My friend had my jersey down at the light and was trying to get Geno to sign for me, the attempt was unsuccessful. So I thought to myself, "What am I going to have him sign." I looked down at the Guins shirt I was wearing and said, "Okay he's going to sign my shirt." I got up to his car, handed him the sharpie and he signed my shirt, on the stomach of the Penguin and I'm sure you know where that falls. Yes Sidney Crosby touched me! Sorry I'm okay again. My camera which was hanging on my wrist accidently bumped his car and I apologized at least three times, he was a sweet heart and said, "Don't worry about it." I thanked him for signing my shirt at least three times. The funny thing was the whole time I was standing less than a foot from the man, when he touched me, when I touched his car, I wasn't thinking "Oh my God it's Sidney Crosby," No, I was thinking, "Wow his beard looks good in person." I know I am such a lame and probably the only female Penguins' fan who would be thinking that while that close to Sidney Patrick Crosby. After I walked away there was about a three second span that I turned into a puck bunny, jumped up and in a little kid voice said, quietly, "Sidney." Overall it was a good time.