Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

June seventeenth finally came, Nikki's mom's birthday and the day before she left for Canada. After having a small birthday dinner with the family for all three birthdays that week Nikki went to her room to finally pack, she was a bit of a procrastinator. "Why hello there sexy," she said before picking up the phone after reading the caller id. "Bonjour Kristopher."

"Bonjour Nicolette."

"You're picking me up from the airport tomorrow, right?"

"No I'm going to make you walk to my house," he said in a joking tone. "Of course I will be there to pick my best friend up."

"Bon, I'm excited to be coming back to Canada, especially Montreal. I loved Val-d'Or but as you know I'm a city girl."

The conversation went on for a while before Nikki decided that going to bed was the best idea, she wanted to be rested for the next day and when she saw her young Canadian friend. In Canada Kris was talking to Luc. "She's coming back to Canada to spend another week with you, and this time it's just you, I think it's safe to say that this girl has a thing for you."

"I don't know," he continued in French. "What happens if I don't make the big squad this year and I don't get to see her?"

"Don't be so negative. We're both going to make the NHL and you're going to be happy with a beautiful girl, okay?"

"Oui, merci."

The next morning Nikki awoke to the sound of the alarm clock on her phone and quickly got ready. She threw on a pair of jeans, a Pens' t-shirt and converse before eating a bowl of cereal. Throwing her bag in the trunk she waited for her mom in the passenger seat of the car and soon they were off to the airport. Arriving at the airport she said good-bye to her mother before checking her bag and making her way through security. Once she found her gate she sat down and awaited the boarding call for her flight.

When it finally came she found her seat and again didn't pay any attention to the safety instructions. Once the plane took off for Montreal she pulled her wallet from her pocket and from the wallet she took her favorite picture. As she looked at it she let her mind wander back to that day, the three of them happy and spending time together. She missed both Kris and Luc but on this trip she would only be seeing Kris. This was perfectly okay with her, spending time with the man who she found she falling for more and more every day. Staring at the picture she wished that Kris shared the same feelings she did, if only she knew.

Upon landing in Montreal she made her way to baggage claim in search of her bag and her best friend. After pulling her bag form the belt she was off in search of the reason she was back in Canada. It took less than a minute of searching to find him, standing about twenty feet from her was the attractive French-Canadian she had come to know and love. As she found him he was running his fingers through his hair sending a chill through Nikki's body, oh how she had missed that.

There eyes met and they started towards each other. When they were within five feet of each other Nikki dropped her bag and ran towards him, jumping into his arms. Thank God he was a hockey player and was used to things like this. Once she was in his arms she took in the scent that she had missed so much over the past five months; she had missed everything about this man. "I missed you Kristopher," she said while still in his arms. She didn't want to let go and apparently neither did he.

When he did place her back on the ground though he took her hand, bringing it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss. "I missed you too, Nicolette."

They both agreed that they had spent enough time in the airport and they should start off towards Kris' house. Learning her lesson the first time she had come to visit Kris, Nikki didn't argue when Kris tried to carry her bag for her.

A twenty minute drive was all it took for them to find themselves at Kris' house, a cute little house. Kris grabbed Nikki's bag from the trunk of the car and lead her to the room where she would be staying. It was not much bigger than the room she had had in Val-d'Or but it had a different feel to it. "Want to see my room?" Kris asked.

"Of course," Nikki smiled. She had things to add to this sentence but she chose to keep them inside, a wise choice. The room was a bit larger than the one that she would be staying in. A queen size bed sat against one wall and a dresser along the other. On the night stand by the bed sat the picture of Nikki and Kris, part of him hoped that she would see it while another hoped that she didn't. The walls were bare except for a picture of a hockey team that Nikki recognized by their jerseys, the Val-d'Or Foreurs. The walls along with the comforter on the bed were a light blue. The light hard wood floor lay under a simple rug. The bed, the dresser, and the night stand were all a dark wood, contrasting with the light tone of the rest of the room. Two windows next to the bed light up the room and Nikki could imagine that this sometimes annoyed Kris.

"Not much, are you hungry?" It was around one o'clock and Kris knew that flying always made him hungry.

"Mhm," she said with a nod. "Are you cooking?"

"Not lunch, but I'll make you dinner," he smiled. "Let's go out and I'll show you around town."

That's exactly what they did; a small café was where they enjoyed a small lunch before Kris showed Nikki a few parts of town. "It's a lot more beautiful at night," he said as they looked towards the city.

"It's still pretty beautiful," Nikki smiled, she was talking about the city but also they man who she was with.

After a brief tour of the town they found themselves back at Kris' house where he went straight to the kitchen and Nikki attempted to help but was soon told to make herself comfortable in the living room.

Soon the smell of food drifted into the living room, catching Nikki's attention and drawing her to the kitchen. A smile came to Kris' face when she entered the room, he was facing away from the doorway but could sense when she stepped through the threshold. "Dinner should be ready in about ten minutes."

Ten minutes later Kris was placing the last dish on the table and sitting down across from Nikki. Throughout dinner they talked about everything from Pittsburgh to Luc and his girlfriend. Kris had also made cupcakes for Nikki's birthday.

After a delicious meal Nikki returned to the living room after being assured that Kris could handle the dishes himself. She sat down on the couch and made herself at home, turning the TV on and trying her best to understand the French being spoken. She shut the TV off though when she heard the water in the kitchen shut. Kris sat down on the couch next to her, but keeping enough space so that it wasn't awkward. "Nikki," Kris said nervously.

"Kris," she said with a smile turning to face him.

He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair before speaking. "Okay I don't want to make the rest of your trip awkward and it will be awkward if you say no. And I'm sorry if I make everything awkward but Luc said that I should do it."

'Rambling about making things awkward is definitely the way to go Kris, good job,' he thought to himself during the brief pause. He mentally hit himself on the back of the head when Nikki spoke.

"Kris," she said placing a hand on his, sending a chill through both of their bodies which they each tried to hide and ignore. She tried not to giggle at his rambling, it was cute she thought. Trying to keep her voice steady she spoke more softly than normal saying, "Kris what are you trying to say?"

The smile on her face was all that made him continue, this time more slowly than the last time he spoke, but still on the side of rambling than calm speech. "Seeing you again made me realize something. I really, really liked you but now I'm pretty sure that I love you. I guess what I'm trying to say is --"

"Yes Kris I will go out with you," she said cutting him off. She leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek, she wanted so much more, to feel his lips pressed against hers like in her dreams, but for now she would take what she could get. "I'm pretty sure that I love you too."

Kris sighed, relieved that that was all over. Nikki who seemed confident on the outside was just as nervous as Kris was on the inside. She inched closer to him and after a few minutes she found their legs touching. He put his arm around her hoping that she wouldn't push him away. He was again relieved when she rested her head against his chest, something that she had wanted to do for months. "I guess it's a happy birthday for you then?"

"I don't think anything could make it better," she said lifting her head and looking into his dark brown eyes.

"Even this?" He asked before leaning in and pressing his lips to hers. It was exactly how both of them had dreamt it would be, possibly even better. His lips were soft and tasted of the cupcakes they had had following dinner. Hers were the same against his and even though the kiss only lasted a few brief seconds it told them both what they need to know; they really did love one another.

"Okay I lied, that made it better." She rested her head back against his chest after placing a kiss on his cheek. They both smiled, they had waited so long for this moment. Spending times with Kris would have been enough for her but she definitely would not complain about what had happened. She felt safe in his arms and the kiss certainly didn't hurt. She let her right hand lay on her thigh and hoped that Kris would take notice. Soon enough he did and hesitantly he placed his hand over hers and laced their fingers. Nikki gently squeezed his hand to let him know that it was okay and they spend the next few hours just sitting in each others arms and watching something on TV.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Chapter Nine

She rolled out of bed and got ready as usual, this would be the last time she had to do this. Pulling her hat onto her head and her bag over her shoulder she made her way to the bus stop. As usual the bus was crowded and Nikki stood at the front of the bus as she did everyday. When the bell rang sending students to class all that the seniors could talk about was how this was their last day of hell; the last class high school class they would have to attend, the last high school exam they would have to endure.

Nikki's last exam was Bio II, she felt like neither teacher had taught her anything, that all of the learning in this class was student based. The tests had been written by the same company that wrote the text books but the tests were awkwardly worded and therefore difficult to pass. For this exam however everyone felt prepared, the teacher had told them every question that would be on the exam.

Sitting down next to her good friend Shelby one last time Nikki smiled, that is until she was told to stop talking and the exam was passed around the room. "You have one hour, you may begin."

Twenty-five minutes passed and Nikki put her pencil down, satisfied with her answers she turned the test in to her teacher and sat back down. Taking a notebook from her bag she began to doodle, mostly writing Kris' name. When the bell finally rang all of the seniors ran to the auditorium for graduation rehearsal. Rehearsal dragged on until finally they were set free. Before they were permitted to leave however everyone had to stop at the guidance counselor to make sure that he had the correct school for them. "RMU," Nikki said when it was her turn; the school she had worked so hard to get in to.

AS she waited for her friends to make it through the line she made her final decision, she would go to the luncheon. Food was food, she wasn't paying for it and she had plenty of time to kill before the game that night. The only problem was that after eating and spending some time with friends she didn't feel like waiting for a bus and no one would give her a ride to her bus stop back at school so she had to walk twenty blocks alone.

While walking through the not so great part of town Nikki pulled out her phone and began to text Kris, something he hadn't done a lot of that day. 'Tiens,' she wrote unable to think of anything important to say.

'Tiens, ca va?'

'Comme ci, comme ca, et tu?'

'Bien. =]'

This conversation was going no where and fast so Nikki began to tell him about her day and soon she had made it to her bus stop. They continued to text all day, Nikki saying how much she missed Canada but never saying that she missed Kris until he let it slip first. 'I miss you Nicolette.'

'I miss you too Kristopher, but I get to see you in less than two weeks. =]'

Kris sat at home in Montreal and smiled when he read this. Maybe there was some hope, Luc was always trying to convince him to ask her out but what was the point he was almost positive that she would say no. They were such great friends and he didn't want to risk screwing that up.

That night Nikki sat down to watch game five of the Stanley Cup Finals with Kris. Well they were both watching the game while texting each other. When the final buzzer rang and the scoreboard read Ducks six, Senators two Nikki was quite excited. The Ducks had just won the Stanley Cup. While watching the post game festivities as she did every year Nikki continued to talk to Kris, they had talked non-stop all day. 'I'm so glad someone finally beat those guys. =]'

'Yeah, what are you doing tomorrow since you don't have school?'

'No idea, look how happy those guys are.' She couldn't help but smile as all of the Ducks skated around the ice with wide smiles on their faces, some had even shed a few tears of joy.

'I'm going to lift that someday,' Kris said. As he wrote this he thought of how great it would be to win the ultimate prize, to lift Lord Stanley's Cup. Before he could even come close though he had to make the NHL, something he hoped that he could do this coming season.

Nikki also admired the Cup, it was so beautiful. It had been fifteen years since the Penguins last won it and although she had watched it she was only two at the time so she didn't remember it. She wanted so badly for her team to win it again, to see her team's captain Sidney Crosby hoist it over his head.

It had been a long day so at around midnight when Nikki was struggling to keep her eyes open she told Kris goodnight. They had talked for over ten hours and hadn't run out of things to talk about. 'Why is he so perfect?' Nikki asked herself as she flopped into bed. She ran her finger over him in the picture she kept by her bed, a copy of the one she kept in her wallet. She found herself asking this question quite frequently, mostly of herself and when she needed cheering up she pulled the original picture from her wallet. That normally brought a smile to her face no matter what the situation was. "I love you Kristopher."

While her thoughts of being with him back in Canada turned to dreams Kris' thoughts were much of the same. He had his copy of the picture in a frame on his night stand. After sending a final text that said goodnight he stared at his phone background for a while, it was also Nikki's picture. He had really fallen for her since their first meeting back in October. Was it love though?

He found himself thinking about her all of the time. Every time he talked to Luc, which wasn't as often as during the season when they lived together, but they still texted, Nikki was brought into conversation. Luc still talked to her, no where near as much as Kris did, but they had remained friends. Nikki wouldn't tell Luc anything about her feelings for Kris and Kris made Luc swear that he wouldn't tell Nikki how much Kris liked her.


Nikki mostly sat around the house for the next few days, she had a babysitting job lined up for the summer before she headed off to college but that didn't start for a few weeks.

Graduation quickly approached and she couldn't have been more excited to never have to deal with that school again. It had been a long four years and when Saturday the ninth came Nikki began to get showered and dressed up around ten o'clock. She decided to let her hair air dry and ran some mousse through it so that it wouldn't frizz. Leaving her hair down she pulled her new dress from the closet and slipped it over her head. Adjusting it so that it didn't bunch she then fixed her hair.

Cassie took a picture to send to Kris just to get his opinion. The dress was a dark shade of blue, sleeveless and knee length. It was the perfect dress for her, showing just enough cleavage to draw attention but it also covered her enough so that the rest was left to the imagination. This was what drew Kris' attention when the picture arrived on his phone. That along with her smile left him breathless. He sat down on the couch to catch his breath and this only proved further that he had it bad for this girl. 'You look absolutely amazing,' he though, however that's not what he texted back. 'You look excited =].' He typed before pressing send. If only he could be there and see her in person, he missed her; after all it had been over five months since he had seen her. The next week could not go by fast enough; he couldn’t wait until she was back in Canada with him.

Back in Pittsburgh once the ceremony started it only lasted an hour and Nikki was finally done with CAPA, for good.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter Eight

“I miss him already,” Nikki said to herself when she sat down on the plane just an hour after leaving his arm. She pulled the picture from her wallet and got lost in Kris’ beautiful brown eyes. That is until the captain’s voice was heard over the loud speaker, pulling her from her thoughts.
“You okay?” Luc asked when they made it back to the car.

“What makes you think that I wouldn’t be?” He looked down at his cell phone as if wanting for her to text even though he knew that she couldn’t.

“Dude she just let and you look like you had your heart ripped out.”

“I miss her.”

Two hours after taking off in Montreal Nikki was walking from her gate to baggage claim and pulling her cell phone from her pocket. Kris and Luc were about half way home and in mind conversation when Kris was startled by the ringtone she had for Nikki. “Hello,” he said, more excitedly that he had intended to.

“Bonjour Kristopher, I’m in Pittsburgh.” Nikki found her bag and soon found her mom’s car, talking to Kris the entire time, occasionally Luc said a thing or two.

Arriving home Nikki threw her bag on the floor and fell into bed. She had missed it but she knew that waking up in Pittsburgh would not be the same a waking up in Val-d’Or. There was one thing that she would miss the most though, and that was the man she was still talking to.

The next morning Nikki sat down at her computer and opened her Gmail account. In the ‘to’ line she wrote Kris' e-mail address and sat back; thinking about what she wanted to write.

First of all I want to thank you for letting me come stay with you, you have no idea how much it meant to me. I'm so glad that I got to met Luc, he's a great guy. =] I hope that I can see you guys again, maybe I can come up again this summer? We'll talk about it at some point I'm sure. I miss Canada, of course there's snow here but it's not the same as snow in Canada. Maybe it's the fact that I miss you, that might be it.

Well I should get going; I haven't really spent much time with my friends here lately, mostly because I was in Canada for a week. I'm pretty sure that I told you all of this at some point last night, there's one thing though that I didn't tell you....

I love you Kristopher.

She had never intended to send this e-mail and after writing that she loved him, which may or may not have been true, she deleted it all and walked away from her computer.

“Kristopher!” Nikki said excitedly when she answered the phone. It was now April and time for the playoffs to start; junior, minor, and NHL. The Penguins were set to take on the Ottawa Senators, the entire city was energized, it was their first playoff appearance since 2001. The Baby Penguins were ready to take on the Norfolk Admirals and the Foreurs would face-off against the Lewiston MAINEiacs.

“Bonjour Nicolette.”

“Are you ready for your game tonight? I wish I could be there to watch.”

“I think we’re ready, how do your boys look? You guys are playing the Sens right?”

“Mhm, it feels so good to be back in the playoffs,” Nikki smiled, after all it had been five years.
“The city is going crazy.”

The Foreurs and the Penguins were not as ready as they thought they were, the Penguins fell to the Sens in five games and the Foreurs were swept by the MAINEiacs. The Wilkes-Barre Baby Penguins however fared better than Nikki’s other two teams; defeating the Admiral in six games and moving on to take on the Hersey Bears.

Nikki was sitting in choir when her phone buzzed in her pocket. This class was the absolute hardest to text in, she always managed to get away with it but the way that the room was set up the teacher, who stood in the middle of the room, could see everyone and what they were doing. Slyly removing her phone from her pocket she saw that she had a text from Kris, since she had been relatively happy that day she didn’t have to worry about keeping a smile from her face, she already wore one. ‘Guess who’ going to WBS?’

Now she had to hold back her emotion, to remember that she was in the middle of class and that if she got too excited she would have her phone taken. ‘Kris that’s great! I wish that I could come see you but I have so much going on here and there’s no way that my mom would let me go alone.’ She typed quickly and shoved her phone into her pocket.

Nikki’s phone buzzed again but for some reason her teacher was now working with her side of the room so she had to wait until the end of the day. When the final bell rang she briskly walked to her locker and by the time she remembered that she had a text she had walked out of school and half way down the street. ‘I wish I could come to Pittsburgh, I miss it.’

‘And I miss you,’ Nikki thought.

Kris only played one game in Wilkes-Barre but in that game he assisted on a goal. His time there was short lived as the Baby Penguins, just like Nikki’s other two teams, were pushed from the playoff rush they were beaten by the Bears in seven games. “Tiens,” Kris said after falling in game seven.

“Bonjour Kristopher, je regret.” She had no more teams to cheer for. The Senators were still in the playoff race and she hoped more than anything that they didn’t win.

“It’s fine, back to Canada now. I wish that I could come to Pittsburgh for a few days but I have to go to some awards show.”

“It’s okay, we’re gonna try to hang out at least once this summer, right?”

They talked for about an hour before Nikki went to bed, she has school the next day.

April ended, all of May past, and June began. Nikki was almost done with school which meant she would soon be graduating and she couldn’t be happier. The playoffs were also drawing to an end and it was down to the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Ducks. Game five was set to take place on Wednesday, June, sixth, Nikki’s last day of school. The Ducks were leading the series three games to one and Nikki hoped that they would be the team to win.


He pushed her against wall and his lips crashed down on hers for a rough, passionate kiss. Nikki had no idea what she had been thinking about, her train of thought stopped completely for a moment When she began to be able to think again all she could do was try to wrap her brain around what was going on. His lips were soft against hers, as were hers against his. As much as he wanted to kiss her gently, to place soft kisses along her jaw-line before moving onto her neck, there was so much emotion on both sides of the kiss that it forged their lips together. Kris and Nikki had both wanted this for so long that they would take what they could get and worry about taking their time later.

His hands were on either side of her, pressed against the wall holding himself far enough away from her. She was still shocked but her hands no longer cling to his tight black t-shirt but ran up his chest, taking in how muscular he was, around to the back of his neck and as she had wanted to since they day she met him in the Marriott her hands ran through his soft brown hair. As each strand slipped through her fingers more of her weight was pushed against the wall as her knees began to grow weak and she was unable to stand on her own two feet.

Kris brought one arm behind her, helping her to keep her balance. Neither of the two wanted it to end. His lips felt so right against hers, as did his body, he had brought her closer, needing to be near her. The kiss was so intoxicating that, as was the softness of his hair, the overall rightness of the situation made Nikki feel as though she was in heaven, or maybe just dreaming.

Just as she was about to pull away to say that she loved the man who held her so close, so lovingly, a buzz pulled her from her sleep. The smile that had moments earlier lie on her lips was now replaced by a look of disbelief. She knew that that would never happen especially not under those circumstances, but she could hope and she could certainly dream. She still clung to her teddy bear in hopes that she would drift back to sleep and that the dream would return, but she had no such luck. Her phone buzzed again, it was time to get up for school, her last day of high school.

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Stanley Cup Champions 2009

Just a little video that I made...

Yet another one shot....

Hey guys I don't know how many of you would want to read it but I just posted a new one shot about Pittsburgh Pirates catcher Ryan Doumit. It's called The Man Behind Home Plate.

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Chris Lee?

Hey guys, for those of you who don't already know I have a new one shot. It's about one of the WBS Pens, Chris Lee. I really like him and think that you guys would too. This one shot was completed in less than two days, so if it sucks that's why. I hope that you guys like it, it's called 'I Just Might Love You'

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Chapter Seven

Sorry it's been so long I had a serious case of writer's block. As always I hope that you enjoy this edition of Offense or Defense, and comments are greatly appreciated.


“So you wanna go to a hockey game?” Kris asked.

“Do you even have to ask?” Luc asked. “Think about how you met this girl.”

Nikki laughed at what Luc said before answering Kris’ question. “I would love to go to a hockey game, who are you guys playing?”

“The Halifax Mooseheads, you’ve probably never heard of them. But the game is tomorrow at seven,” Luc said before Kris could open his mouth.

“Yeah, what he said,” he laughed.

The next afternoon Nikki hung her Foreurs jersey over her arm before going out to the kitchen where she would be having a light dinner with Kris and Luc. After finishing her pasta she pulled her jersey over her Penguins’ t-shirt and waited for Kris and Luc to be ready to leave. When the two men finally emerged from their bedrooms dressed in suits Nikki smiled and grabbed her cell phone from the table before heading out to the car with them.

“You gonna be cold?” Kris asked as they walked down the hall to the elevator.

“I’ll be fine, you have to remember that I live in Pittsburgh and hardly ever wear a coat, my jersey will keep me warm,” she smiled.

“At least put this on,” Kris said removing the hat from his head.

“I have my Penguins’ hat,” she grabbed the brim of her Crosby hat.

“Just put this on,” he placed the black winter hat in Nikki’s hand just as they walked out the front door of the apartment building.

Walking outside Nikki removed the baseball cap from her head, placing her hand on the curved brim that was behind her head and pulling it forwards. The chill of the Canadian air hit her and she quickly pulled the winter hat over her head. Kris smiled seeing this but said nothing more.

Arriving at Centre Air Crebec Luc, Kris, and Nikki all made their way to the locker room, they didn’t want to make Nikki have to wait out in the cold for the doors to open. She got to know some of the players a little better than she had the last time that she was there and didn’t want to leave the locker room to go to her seat when the coach told her that fans were allowed to enter the arena. She stood from where she sat between Luc and Kris, wishing her two friends along with the rest of the team luck, and making her way to her seat.

She sat where she had a few nights before, three rows behind the bench and again she had her camera and took pictures during both the pre-game skate and the game. Cheering and chanting along with everyone else in the arena Nikki was feeling like she was part of the Foreurs’ family, if only she could stay longer, see them play more games. There was no way that it could happen though; she was going home in two days.

Leaving Canada was not a happy thought and since “her” team was winning she pushed all thoughts of leaving to the back of her mind and enjoyed the remainder of the game.

The Foreurs dropped the game four-three, but it was lost in overtime and both Kris and Luc played well. “You can’t win them all,” Kris said after Nikki told them that they both played well and that it was okay that they lost.

When they arrived back at the apartment Kris and Luc went to change into more comfortable clothing and Nikki went to put her jersey in her room. She returned to the living room before the guys, as expected, and had the winter had with her.

A few moments later Luc returned and a few moments after him Kris returned. “Here,” Nikki said holding the hat out. “Thanks.”

“Keep it, I have another one,” Kris said with a smile.

“Thanks Kris,” she placed the hat on her lap. When Kris looked away from her to answer a question that Luc asked Nikki smiled and ran her hand along the soft hat.

“Yeah, that’s a great idea. What do you think Nikki?”

“Huh? Sorry I zoned out for a second.”

“Since tomorrow is your last day here instead of just packing and sitting around the apartment would you want to go ice skating?”

“Sure, I’m glad I brought my skates.”

“You brought your skates?” Luc asked a confused look on her face.

“Kris told me to bring them because there was a chance that we might go skating.”


The next morning Nikki sat down with Luc and Kris for breakfast and soon the three were off to the rink. They had all been there the night before but Nikki sat in the stands while she watched the others enjoy themselves on the ice and today she would get to skate; she would get to take the ice that so many hockey players had been on. It wasn’t Mellon Arena but she was probably never going to be able to set foot on that sacred ice, she had skated on the same ice that the Penguins had at RMU.

Nikki smiled as she pulled her skates onto her feet and the excitement only grew as she pulled the laces tight. If it were at all possible her smile grew when she stepped onto the ice. As soon as she was on the ice she started off for her first lap of the rink. The cold air stung her face, the speed she was going at made it worse, but she didn’t mind. It had been almost a year since she had skated and she missed it. She had always wanted to play ice hockey when she was younger, and she still did, but there was no way that her family could afford it so she only took the ice when she could get a group of people together willing to go.

After a few times around the ice she came to a stop along the boards and just took it all in. She was pulled from her blissful thoughts when Kris spoke. ‘How long had he been there? How long had she been staring off into space?’ She wondered.

“You’re a pretty good skater.”

“Thanks,” she smiled. “I still can’t do cross-overs without almost falling on my face.”

“Want me to help you?” Kris asked with a smile.

Nikki nodded and pushed away from the wall, just as a little kid would. “It’s pretty simple,” Luc said, still standing against the boards.

“Push off with your right foot and let your left foot glide. Good now cross your right foot over your left and just do it again.” She stumbled a bit but Kris caught her and helped gather her balance again. “Not bad,” he smiled. “Don’t worry you’ll get it. If you don’t get it today you’ll get it eventually.

Nikki smiled and pushed off again. After a few minutes she had made her way to the opposite side of the ice than Luc and Kris when she yelled, “Look guys I can do it!”

The two men turned around and sure enough she was doing it.

They skated for a few more hours but soon hunger overcame them all and they made their way back to the locker room to shed their skates. After arriving back at the apartment and grabbing a quick lunch to settle their rumbling stomachs Nikki decided that she would start packing so that she could just sit around with her friends and watch movies that night.

All of her clothes except for what she would be wearing the next day had been packed; her jersey included, and when it came time for dinner she walked into the kitchen wearing her Penguin pajama pants.

“You look ready for movie night,” Luc said sitting down next to her.

“Yep, I’m guessing these movies will be in French?”

“You guessed it,” Kris smiled. “They don’t sell a lot of movies in English here in French Canada.”

Her phone buzzed the next morning, but the last thing Nikki wanted to do was leave Canada. She had only been there for five days but she had fallen in love with the little town and their hockey team. She quickly showered; she was never one for long showers, before pulling on a pair of jeans and a Pens t-shirt. Making sure that everything was packed she lugged her bags to the living room and sat down in the kitchen one last time.

The apartment was empty, Kris and Luc had practice, and she just sat down to eat breakfast alone. As she ate her cereal she looked around and thought of how much she was going to miss the apartment, and more importantly; the people who lived there. Spending time with Kris only made her remember how much she cared for him and saying good-bye would be even harder than it had been the last time. Then she had known when she would see him again, now would she have to wait until summer? Would he make the ‘big squad’ for real next year? And Luc, although she had only known him for as long as she had been in Canada but they bad become friends and she wanted them to remain friends with him. Was that really practical, staying friends with either of them? How often would they see each other? How often would they talk?

‘Happy thoughts, Nicolette,” she told herself, taking another bite of cereal.

“You ready to go?” Kris asked when he and Luc returned home from practice.

“Yes and no,” she said causing both boys to smile.

“Yes because you can’t wait to get away from Kris and no because you can’t stand to be away from me, right?” Luc asked his voice full of sarcasm.

“Yeah something like that,” Nikki said just as sarcastically. “But really I’m gonna miss you two.”

“We’re gonna miss you too,” he cleared his throat. “Alright let’s get going.” He grabbed Nikki’s bags although she assured him that she could get them herself.

After the long drive to Montreal Nikki was walked into the airport by Luc and Kris. She checked her bag and was about to say good-bye when Luc spoke up. “I forgot to give this to you,” he pulled a picture from his pocket. It was the one that he had taken on Christmas day of Nikki and Kris.

“Thanks Luc,” she smiled as she look the picture from his hand. Looking at the picture she smiled but then realized that it was time for her to leave. “Thank you both so much for this week,” she placed the picture in her wallet before hugging both men.

“Bye Nikki,” Luc said releasing her from a hug. “Hope I can see you again.”

“You too, good-bye Luc.” She moved to Kris who had waited patiently for turn to say good-bye.

“Good-bye Nicolette,” he said still holding her. “Text me when you get home.”

“You too, bye Kristopher.” When he released her she picked up her bag and started off towards security.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chapter Six

Hey guys,
I am so sorry that's it been so long since I updated. I was having some serious writer's block for both this and Le Petit Fleur but all is good again. I hope that you all enjoy this chapter and comments are greatly appreciated.

Chapter Six

As always her peaceful dreams of Kris were ended when her phone vibrated on the bedside table. Still half asleep Nikki groaned and rolled over, picking her phone up.

‘It’s Christmas Eve!’ the text from Michelle said. ‘And there’s actually snow on the ground.’

Nikki smiled; it hadn’t snowed on Christmas Eve in years. Looking at her phone she saw that it was ten-thirty and figured that she would get up and find something to eat. Still in her pajamas Nikki made her way to the kitchen where Kris and Luc sat, in their pajamas as well. Nikki couldn’t help but smile as she said,” Good morning.”

“Good morning,” the guys said.

“Are you hungry?” Luc asked.

“Mhm,” she sat down.

“Tim Horton’s okay?” Kris asked grabbing the bag from the counter.

“Oui,” she said with a smile. When he stood she could see that along with a tight fitting Bauer t-shirt Kris was also wearing a pair of blue and white stripped boxers. She tried to keep her mind on Tim Horton’s and breakfast, but as her eyes wandered so did her taught. ‘Why?’ she asked herself. ‘Why does he have such a nice body? Because the accent, smile, hair, eyes, and skill on the ice weren’t enough, right? Oh am I going to miss this boy when I go back to Pittsburgh.’

Nikki had been admiring his muscular chest and arms when Luc pulled her from her thoughts. “Would you like another?” He was getting himself another doughnut.

Nikki nodded and thanked Luc. While eating this doughnut she tried unnoticeably take in every detail of his face. The first thing she noticed, as always, was his eyes. They were the perfect shade of brown, like melted chocolate and they made Nikki melt. His nose and cheeks were perfect and then his lips. His lips were absolutely perfect, ‘kissable’ she thought to herself.

When she was done analyzing her best friend’s face they discussed their plans for the day. The three of them would be going to mass at four o’clock. Nikki was glad that she had brought dress clothes, in hopes that she would be able to go to church. At around she decided that she would shower and get ready for church, leaving the boys to talk.

“How did she not notice?” Luc asked when he heard the shower turn on.

“Notice what?”

“The fact that you were practically staring at her from the moment she walked out of her room until she walked into the bathroom just now.”

“Oh that. I’m just glad she didn’t. I can’t help that I really like her.”

Soon the shower shut off and when Nikki vacated the bathroom Kris decided that he would shower. This left Nikki and Luc with some alone time. She wasn’t going to put her dress clothes on until she absolutely needed to, so in a pair of jeans and of course a Penguins t-shirt she sat down in the kitchen across from Luc.

They talked for a while, getting to know each other better until it was Luc’s turn to shower. When three o’clock rolled came Nikki went to get changed and when she rejoined the boys in the living room Kris’ jaw almost hit the floor. She was in a knee-length black skirt and a tight fitting, three-quarter sleeve white blouse; simple, yet classy. The heels she was wearing not only gave her height but also accented her muscular claves. Everything else was as usual, she wore no make-up, she was one who tended to lean towards a more natural look, and her hair was in a messy bun.

Kris and Luc were dressed in suits, the way Nikki had seen them the night before, before the game, It was also the way she was used to seeing Kris when he wasn’t in his gear.

“Just so you know it’s going to be in French.” Kris said with a smile.

“I expected that, I am in Quebec,” she smiled as well. “Zut, all I have with me is my hoodie and walking into church in a hoodie and skirt,” she didn’t know how to word it.

“I think I have something that you can borrow.” Kris went to the closet and pulled out a dark blue pea-coat. “It’ll probably be huge on you, but it’s warm.”

“Thanks,” she smiled taking the coat. It was warm to the touch. As they were leaving the apartment she slid the coat over her blouse and was surrounded by the warmth. She couldn’t help but catch a whiff of Kris’ scent which caused her to smile.

Mass went well and when they returned back to the apartment the three friends sat down, Nikki on the couch and Kris and Luc in the stools in the kitchen. “Nikki, come sit with us,” Luc said, smiling and looking over to Kris as Nikki stood from the couch and made her way towards them.

“So what’s the plan for the night?” She asked pulling herself up onto one of the stools.
“I’m going to make dinner,” Kris said slipping down off of his stool and continuing to talk as he made his way to the refrigerator. “Is fish okay?”

“Mhm,” Nikki said with a smile.

As Kris prepared dinner Luc got to know better, occasionally Kris would join in the conversation but it was hard to hear over the crackling of the fish on the stove top. He had prepared it with lemon juice and as it cooked the smell filled the apartment, bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

Following dinner Luc did dishes, the few that there were and then the three of them spend the remainder of the evening talking and watching Christmas movies.

“Good morning,” Nikki said when Kris walked into the living room.

“Morning, how long have you been up?” Kris asked rubbing his eyes and brushing his hair out of his face.

“About an hour, Michelle texted me and I couldn’t fall back asleep.”

Luc soon joined them and Kris decided that he would make crepes for the three of them to enjoy. Fresh fruit, or as fresh as you can get fruit in Canada in the middle of winter, and Nutella were placed on the table along with the crepes for all to partake.

After yet another delicious meal prepared by Kris everyone sat down in the living room to exchange gifts. Nikki had run to her room to grab the gifts only to realize that she only had one for Kris. Sitting down on the couch she saw that both men had gift in their hands, neatly wrapped and the one that Kris had was rather large.

“Luc, I’m sorry that I didn’t get you anything.”

“It’s fine, really. But I’ll give you my gift before Kris because I know that his is better than mine.”

“Thank you,” she said as the gift was placed in her hand. As she tore the paper off she grew more excited, she was still a little kid at heart and loved presents. She opened the small white box; it was about the size of the palm of her hand, to reveal a silver chain. As she lifted the chain from the box a silver Penguins’ emblem dangled from it, catching the light, causing Nikki to smile. “Thank you so much Luc, I love it.” She stood and gave Luc a hug before handing Kris his gift.

“Merci, Nicolette,” He said, taking the gift and quickly removing the wrapping paper. There in his hands was the city that he missed so much, Pittsburgh. Nikki had got around taking pictures of different places around the city and had created a collage. “I love it,” he said, smiling widely. “This is for you.”

Nikki took the box from his hand, it was much larger than the box that she had opened a few moments earlier but was just as light. Tearing the wrapping paper at one end she slide it off the other and looked down at the white box just like one you would receive from any department store if you asked to have clothing gift wrapped. Opening the lid and removing the tissue paper she pulled a shirt from the box. It had taken up the entire thing and when it was fully out of the box and unfolded Nikki realized that it was a Val-d’Or Foreurs’ jersey. “Merci beaucoup, Kristopher,” she said excitedly, jumping up from where she sat on the couch and throwing her arms around Kris, after placing the jersey on the couch.

“Je vous en prie.” Both wanted the hug to last longer but the friendly hug soon ended and Nikki picked the jersey back up when she returned to her seat.

“Why don’t you put it on and I’ll take a picture of the two of you.”

Nikki pulled the jersey over her head and smiled, the smell of brand new hockey related clothing had an effect on her. After all her favorite scent in the entire world was the inside of the Mellon Arena, the perfect combination of ice, sweet, and nachos; most people though that she was odd, for lack of a better word, because of this.

When the jersey was pulled over her t-shirt and its warmth embraced her she moved closer to Kris for the picture. He put her arm around her, reluctantly at first, but when she didn’t fight it he relaxed. Both of their faces held smiles as the camera flashed.

“Guys I took the picture,” he said when they still sat with their arms around each other.

“I’m hungry,” Nikki said around eleven thirty.

“Sandwiches okay?” Kris asked.

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

Luc and Nikki sat down as Kris pulled things from the refrigerator for sandwiches.

“Not gonna take the jersey off?” Luc asked.

“No, I’m really comfy,” she smiled. “Thank you Kris.”

“You’re welcome.”

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yet another one shot.

Hey guys, I just posted a one shot that I'm very proud of and would greatly appreciate if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you very much.

A New Beginning

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chapter Five

Hey guys, I know I haven't been updating much lately, but I haven't gotten any writing done on any of my three stories since school ended. I have however been working on two one shots. One is about Andrew Orpik, the brother of Penguins' defenseman Brooks Orpik. That one shot is currently posted and it would mean a great deal if you guys checked it out and commented. The other one shot is about Eric Godard and should be posted in the next few days. In the mean time please enjoy this chapter, comments are greatly appreciated.

Chapter Five

“We should get going to we can make it to Val-d’Or before midnight.”

“Okay,” Nikki said reaching for her bag.

“I’ve got it,” Kris took the duffle bag and started for the parking lot and the car. “I know it’s little but it gets the job done.” He opened the car door and put Nikki’s bags in the back.

“C’est mignon ,” she said with a smile.

“I’ll be sure to tell Luc, it’s his.” When they were both in the front seat Kris started the car and the music blasted. “Sorry,” Kris said, quickly turning it all the way down.

“It’s okay, is that Journey?” Nikki reached to the center console and turned the music back up.

Kris nodded with a smile on his face as ‘Any Way You Want It’ played and Nikki sang along. In English of course. ‘She likes Journey,’ he thought to himself. When the song ended and a slower, softer one began they talked about the flight and school that day.

Kris was ecstatic that Nikki was visiting. He had missed her so much over the past two months. Although she would be in Canada with him for five days that five days wouldn’t be enough. Saying good-bye to her the first time was head and he knew that this time would be even worse.

“So are you hungry?” he asked at around seven.

“Kind of, yeah.”

A few moments later they pulled off the highway and soon were in line at a McDonald’s drive-thru. “Probably not what you were expecting when you got to Canada, but it’s quick.” After ordering their food Nikki went to pull some of her new Canadian money from her pocket. “Put the money back, I’ve got it.” Kris said pulling his wallet from his back pocket.

“No it’s fine, it’s my mom’s money anyway.”

“I’m buying you dinner,” he said in a stern, yet sweet voice. “Put the money away.”

She slid her wallet back into her pocket as Kris turned to hand the money to the woman at the window. Nikki couldn’t help but smile. ‘Don’t think too much of it,’ she told herself. ‘He’s just a friend, friends buy each other stuff all the time.’

Kris was also having thoughts like this. ‘Obviously she doesn’t like me as more than a friend,’ he told himself as they waited to pull up to the pick-up window. ‘She was going to pay for her own food, sign of just friendship. But there’s nothing wrong with just being friends,’ he assured himself as their meals were handed through the window.

If only they knew what the other was thinking, and how far off from the truth they really were. Neither had stopped smiling since they made eye contact in the airport. But of course neither had noticed.

Although they had talked every night for the last two months they still found things to talk about for all five hours of the trip. It was just passed eleven when they got to Val-d’Or and they were pulling p to the apartment building within ten minutes. “Home sweet home.” Kris shut off the car and took the key from the ignition. “Well at least during the season.”

After grabbing Nikki’s bags from the backseat Kris led her to the second floor, three bedroom apartment He led her to her room, the guest room. It was a small room with a twin bed and a small dresser with a mirror attached. “I know it’s not much but we don’t have very many people stay with us and it’s better than the living room couch.”

“It’s fine, thank you Kris.”

“No problem. I’ve gotta be up for morning skate, I’m sure you’ll want to sleep in, but you can help yourself to whatever you find in the fridge.”

“Okay, goodnight Kristopher.”

“Goodnight Nicolette,” Kris pulled her into a hg and didn’t want to let go. Nikki didn’t want to leave Kris’ arms either but after a few seconds they both felt that they should let go.

Kris smiled while closing the door to the hall and went to his room, exhausted from driving for ten hours. He had barely gotten into bed and pulled the covers over himself before he was sleeping peacefully.

Nikki finally found her pajamas at the bottom of her bag and once she had changed from her jeans she realized just how tired she was from her trip. She crawled into bed and Kris’ scent was still on her t-shirt. She smiled as she drifted off to sleep.

When Luc and Kris woke up the next morning they got ready for morning skate and Kris left a note for Nikki. Skate was set to start at ten so the two best friends left at nine fifteen , allowing themselves to get to the arena and suited up before their coach called them to center ice.

Nikki woke up at ten-fifteen and it took a moment for her to remember where she was. ‘I’m in Kris’ guest room,’ she thought to herself and smiled. “I’m in Canada,” she said out loud this time. She laid back in bed for a few more minutes before finding her way to the kitchen she had passed the night before. On the counter she found a note written in Kris’ neat hand-writing.

Luc and I are at morning skate and should be back before noon. Help yourself to anything you find in the fridge. There’s clean towels in the bathroom at the end of the hall, so you can shower whenever you want. Just make yourself at home. And Luc can’t wait to meet you later. See you soon.

Of course the note was in French and Nikki smiled.

She decided that she would shower than then find something to eat. She went back to her room, picking out an outfit and finding the bathroom at the end of the hall. After pulling the shower curtain closed she found the perfect temperature and just let the water run over her for a moment. She turned to the small shelf where a bottle of Sauvé extra volume sat. “So this is how he gets his hair like that,” she smiled.

She found her way back to the kitchen in a pair of jeans and Sidney Crosby t-shirt and smelling of Irish Spring. She looked through the refrigerator for a few minutes before deciding to make scrambled eggs. Once the eggs were made and everything was cleaned up she went back to look for ketchup, she was a true Pittsburgher.

“Did you find something to eat?” Kris asked when he got home.

“Yeah, I used the last of your ketchup though.”

“On what?”

“Scrambled eggs.”

“You Americans are odd,” Luc said with a smile.

“No, it’s a Pittsburgh thing,” Nikki smiled.

“Oh, Nikki this is my best friend Luc Bourdon, Luc, Nikki James.”

“Nice to meet you,” Luc said with a heavy accent.

Luc and Kris went to take their pre-game naps after being wished sweet dreams by Nikki. Nikki sat down on to watch some TV until the boys woke up. Flipping through the channels she saw the beauty of Canada. She looked out the living room window for the first time and saw that it had snowed over night and was lightly snowing then.

When Kris and Luc woke up they made pasta for dinner and Nikki was happy to see that not only could Kris play hockey, but he could cook too.

As it got closer to game time Nikki got more and more excited about seeing Kris play again. She was also excited to be able to wish him luck in person again. Kris was also excited for the same reasons. Nikki had wished him luck before every game for the last two months and he appreciated it. But good luck in a text wasn’t as good as having her say it to him and actually watch the game.

Opening face-off would happen at seven o’clock so the Foreurs and their guest arrived at Centre Air Crebec at five-fifteen. It reminded Nikki of one of the many “arenas” in Pittsburgh. Kris led Nikki to the locker room and introduced her to all of the guys who were there. As always she wore a Penguins’ hat, but that didn’t stop the guys from staring.

When it was almost time for the players to take the ice Nikki found her seat. The arena was small compared to a professional hockey arena, only seating a few thousand, but it was enough for this junior hockey team.

“I see why you like her,” Luc said to Kris in the locker room.

Kris was still smiling from when she had whispered good luck and give him a hug. He didn’t know what it was about her, her smile, her kindness, or her love for hockey. Whatever it was Kris couldn’t stop thinking about Nicolette James. He did somehow push the thoughts of her to the back of his mind though when they took the ice.

During the pre-game skate most of the seats behind the Foreurs bench were empty. One special one though was occupied. Nikki sat happily a few row behind the bench and was excited to see Kris skating again. Kris looked up to Nikki flashing a smile and she returned it. She motioned for him to go back to warming up and took her camera from her hoodie pocket. She took pictures of all of the Foreurs as they passed the bench and she seemed to take a lot more pictures of Kris and anyone else.

As the seconds ticked off the clock above game time drew closer and Nikki’s excitement grew.

The Foreurs wore white with yellow and green on the shoulders and logo in the center. The Oceanic wore blue. Kris and Luc were out as part of the starting line-up and Nikki sat on the edge of the seat.

Rimouski scored first but Val-d’Or came back to win the game three to one. One of those goals had been scored by Kris in the second period. When he tickled the twine he celebrated with his teammates before finding Nikki’s smiling face in the crowd.

“Kris!” Nikki said excitedly after finding her way to the Foreurs’ locker room. “Great job, you too Luc.”

Both guys smiled, accepting hugs from Nikki before showering.

The ride home was short and was spent discussing the game. Both Kris and Luc had played extremely well and Nikki was glad that she got to see Kris play again. The entire time Nikki had been with the two guys they spoke French and she found it relaxing.

After arriving back at the apartment the three friends sat around talking about Pittsburgh, hockey, and anything else that came to mind. The next day was an off day because it was Christmas Eve so they stayed up late talking. At around one-thirty the two guys decided that they should probably get some rest.

“Goodnight Nikki, night Kris,” Luc said getting up from the couch and starting for his room.

“Night,” Kris and Nikki said in unison causing Luc to smile.

“We should probably get to bed too,” Kris said getting up from the couch. Nikki nodded with a smile as Kris reached out his hand to help her up. Kris quickly let go when she was standing, although he certainly didn’t want to. Nikki wouldn’t have objected and when he let go she was upset.

‘He doesn’t like me like that,’ she told herself. ‘We’re just friends.’

Kris stopped at Nikki’s door and pulled her into a hug. “Bon huit, Nicolette.”

“Bon huit, Kristopher.” When finally released from his grasp she reached for the door handle. “Bon huit.”

Kris smiled and started towards his room as Nikki entered her room and slowly closed the door, not wanting to look away from Kris. Eventually she did though when Kris got to his room. Nikki sat down on the bed, well the bed that she was using and let her thoughts take over. ‘Who would have thought that learning French would have such a pay off? Six years of studying was definitely worth this.’ She smiled as she though this. Almost the whole time she had been there they had only spoken French, and she was glad. Learning French was what got her there. And as much as she enjoyed hearing Kris speak English, French just rolled off his tongue. The accent was really what got her and she couldn’t help but smile every time he spoke.

Soon those thoughts drifted into dreams of actually being with Kris. He kissed her cheek and held her close, exactly what she wanted in real life.

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One shot?

Hey guys, I just posted a one shot that I'm very proud of and would greatly appreciate if you guys would check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you very much.

She Said Yes

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Chapter Four

The remainder of October and all of November passed bring the beginning of winter and the first snow of the year. November thirtieth Nikki walked out of school with her phone in hand, texting Kris. Nothing had changed between them, they still talked everyday, and both still secretly had feelings for each other. Both the Foreurs and Penguins were doing well and Nikki kept up with both teams.

'Kris it's snowing!' she said excitedly, wiping the snowflake off the screen of her phone.
She walked down the street with Michelle and waited for Kris to text back. 'That's good, I love snow.'

'Probably because you're Canadian,' she typed, laughing out loud. 'Tonight's the night I ask about Christmas break.'

And that's exactly what she did. Nikki went straight home and sat down to eat dinner with her family. The discussion was something about history, mostly because Nikki's little brother had a question for his homework and her dad went on to tell a story. When the history lesson was ended Nikki spoke up. "Do we have any big plans for Christmas?"

"For now just your grandmother's on Christmas Eve," her mom said. "Why, do you have plans?"

"Um," she took a sip of her water. "I was just wondering if maybe I could visit a friend, with some friends."

"Where does this friend live?"

"Canada," she put a piece of meatloaf in her mouth.

"Yeah right, they're gonna let you go to Canada," he brother laughed and she shot a glare across the table.

"We'll talk about it," her dad said.

Nikki sighed and sat back in her seat. It had definitely gone better than she had originally though it would. When the table was cleared of dishes and little children Nikki and her parents discussed her trip to Canada. After about an hour a final decision was made.

"NIKKI!" Shelby said walking in to psych the next day. "How'd it go?" she asked when Nikki looked up."

"I'm going to Canada over Christmas break," she said excitedly.

"Oh my god, does Kris know?"

"No, he had a game last night and I didn't want to tell him in a text."

"You think he'll be excited?" Shelby asked quietly as their teacher, Mr. Bishop, told them to open their books, a rare occurrence.

"I hope so, I really miss the kid."

"Well that gives you something to look forward to."

After school Nikki was excited that it was Friday as she walked with Michelle to her bus stop before going to Sam's house for dinner. While watching House at around nine Nikki received a text from Kris asking if it was okay for him to call.

"Hello?" Nikki asked not more than thirty seconds after sending the reply of, 'Of course.'

"Hello Nicolette, so did you ask your parents last night?"

"Mhm, I hope Val-d'Or is pretty for Christmas," she said, smiling.

"It's beautiful," he smiled and gave a thumbs up to Luc who sat on the other end of the couch. "I think you'll like it here, are your friends coming with you?"

"No, our parents didn't trust us with a car in a foreign country. So I bought my plane ticket last night, after looking at your game schedule." She said proud of herself. "I'm getting an early dismissal from school on the twenty-second and I'll be landing in Montreal at six pm."

"Bon," he said trying to hide exactly how excited he was. "I'll have to get you a ticket for when Rimouski's in town on the twenty-third."

They decided that they should wait until it got closer to Christmas break to makes plans and talked about other things. At midnight though Sam's mom told the girls that they had to go upstairs if they wanted to stay up and they took that as their cue to go to bed.

"Well Kristopher it's been a long day and week so I'm gonna go to bed."

"Okay, goodnight Nicolette."

"Goodnight Kristopher." She pit her phone on the nightstand and talked to Sam for about an hour about some of the most random things anyone could ever think about. It was a usual occurrence when one slept over the other's house, school, and childhood were two of the top topics.

In Val-d'Or Luc sat on the couch watching a movie when Kris hung up. He rested his head back against the couch with a smile on his face when he dropped his phone to his lap.

"So I take it Nikki and her friends are coming over Christmas?"

"Just Nikki, their parents didn't trust them in a foreign country with a car."

"So they trust her alone in Canada with you?" he asked smiling.

"Obviously if they're letting her come. What's not to trust though, I'm too afraid to tell her that I like her. Nothing will happen and you know that."

"Alright man, I'm going to bed."

Luc went to bed and a few moments later Kris too went to bed.

The weekend was uneventful except for the Penguins' game that took place Sunday afternoon that Nikki missed band practice for.


Over the next two weeks Nikki was busy with Penguins' games and school. Taking AP English was not the best idea that she had had and had a paper due almost every week. The choir Christmas concert was coming up which meant that all of majors was choir, making it harder to text.

Kris, Luc, and the rest of Foreurs continued with there winning ways and so did the Pens.

Nikki's concert was Thursday and the next day she would be leaving early to go to Montreal, and she still had to pack. When the concert ended she quickly hugged all over her friends and when she arrived home started looking for things to pack. "All Penguins," she said to herself looking through her clothes.

Ten o'clock came, she was showered and packed and was awaiting either a phone call or text. He phone finally buzzed at around ten-fifteen and she answered excitedly.

"You ready for your trip tomorrow?"

"Mhm, can you help me make sure that I have everything I need?"

"Sure; clothes, toothbrush, passport, plane ticket, something to do on the plane."
"Got it all, do I need to bring shampoo?"

"No, you can borrow shampoo, and towels, and stuff."

"Kay, well I still have school tomorrow and I want to be rested when I get to Canada."
"Okay," he said with a laugh. "I'll see you at the airport tomorrow."

They said good-bye before hanging up, Kris getting home and Nikki getting into bed. All Nikki could think about was how excited she was to be going to Canada the next day. She hadn't been there since she was ten and that's when it was like the rest of the world. It was summer when she went, she wanted to see Canada in the winter, in all its glory.

Nikki was also excited to see Kris, it had been almost two month since she had seen him and she missed him. She missed looking into his chocolate brown eyes when he spoke and watching him run his fingers through his hair when he was nervous. Along with wanting to see Kris she wanted to meet the infamous Luc that Kris spoke so fondly of.

These thoughts soon turned to dreams and those dreams were interrupted by the sound of her cell phone vibrating on the table next to the bed. She groaned hitting the snooze button before reality hit her. "I'm seeing Kris today!" She said out loud.

She quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a hoodie over her Pens shirt and when she was ready she sat down in front of her computer. Her background was of the Penguins and was from when Kris was still playing for them. He just so happened to be in the center of the picture. After reading an article on the Pens' site Nikki glanced down at the corner of the screen to see that it was seven o'clock, time to go.

Classes went slowly until it was finally time to leave at noon. As she stepped out of school to meet her mom she pulled her phone from her pocket, excited to be starting her trip. 'Leaving school now, only six hours until I get to MN.'

Kris saw the text shortly after it arrived. She would be arriving in Montreal in six hours which meant he needed to be too. 'Can't wait to see you, the five hour drive to do so won't be fun though.'

Nikki grabbed her bags from home and arrived at the airport at around one thirty after spending a little time at home. Security and baggage check lines were crazy and Nikki was incredibly bored since she was unable to talk to anyone.

Kris started his trek towards Montreal shortly after texting Nikki. He had changed into his street clothes following practice, dropped Luc off at the apartment, and started the long five hour drive. Music kept him from going insane on the drive as he went through six cds.

Once she had checked her bags and been through security Nikki bought a small bag of cheddar sour cream chips and a bottle of Wild Cherry Pepsi. She sat down at the gate and took her phone from her pocket to see that it was only three o'clock. He flight wasn't supposed to take off until four which meant that she had at least half an hour until her boarding call would come. The seat next to her was empty so she put her feet up and pulled her notebook from her bag in which she had been writing a simple story that she promised no one would ever see.

She scribbled down a few lines about the young hockey player before she was finally allowed to make her way to the plane. Finding her seat wasn't very hard. It was in the middle and as she had wanted, a window seat. It wasn't the first time she would be flying alone, but she hoped that it wouldn't be as 'eventful' as the last time.

"Good afternoon everyone, my name is Jean and I'm your captain today. Our flight is scheduled to land in Montreal, Quebec at six pm and will last one hour and fifty-seven minutes." The man said in a thick French-Canadian accent. "We will be taking off shortly, thank you for flying Air Canada."

Nikki buckled her seat belt and didn't pay much attention to the safety demonstration having seen it multiple times.

The plane took off at four o'clock exactly and when it was safe Nikki pulled her MP3 player from her bag. Trying very had to not sing along she let her thoughts wonder. 'Canada for Christmas,' she thought. 'And I get to see Kris. God I miss him, wonder if he misses me? What if he's just trying to be nice by letting be come see him? What happens if he doesn't want to be friends anymore?' She stopped her thoughts there and looked down to see that she was listening to 'Tears Don't Fall' by Bullet For My Valentine.

'Wow what's with all the depression?' she asked, searching through the songs until she came to her favorite song, 'Don't Stop Believing.'

Kris also listened to Journey on his trip, all of the greatest hits. He pulled into the parking lot at the airport just after five thirty and made his way to baggage claim just as Nikki's plane was landing.

Nikki slowly walked through the airport, taking everything in. She went to find her one checked bad and after waiting about ten minutes it came down the conveyor belt and she picked it up with ease. She turned around to see a tall man with dark chocolate brown eyes, dark brown hair pulled back under an RBK hat, Kristopher.

"Bonjour Nicolette."

"Bonjour Kristopher."

Everyone around them in the busy airport spoke French. Nikki spoke to Kris in French as well but with her American accent she stuck out. Many different dialects were being spoken with different accents, but none seemed as smooth as Kris', at least not to Nikki.

She had heard his voice the night before, but hearing it on the phone was nothing like the experience of hearing it in person. She wished that he wasn't wearing that hat and that she could see his hair. She knew though that a backwards baseball cap was both his and her own style, and she adjusted the black Penguins' hat she was wearing. The ends that stuck out from under his hat were enough for her, leaving the rest to the imagination.

Once they made it passed the crowded part of the airport they moved to a tiny area and Kris pulled her into a hug. "I've missed you Nikki," the first thing he had said in English all night.

"I've missed you too," she smiled as she breathed in his intoxicating scent. "I like it better when we speak in French." He held her at arms length and she smiled, embarrassed. "I didn't mean to say that out loud."

"It's okay," he smiled. "We can speak in French if you want," he said in French.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Meeting Young Sidney

So this is where you're going to want to kill me. *sheilds face* Sidney Crosby pulled out of the parking lot and decided that he was going to sign. We were told to get in an orderly line and that he would sign for all of us. We all got in line, I was either the third or fourth. My friend had my jersey down at the light and was trying to get Geno to sign for me, the attempt was unsuccessful. So I thought to myself, "What am I going to have him sign." I looked down at the Guins shirt I was wearing and said, "Okay he's going to sign my shirt." I got up to his car, handed him the sharpie and he signed my shirt, on the stomach of the Penguin and I'm sure you know where that falls. Yes Sidney Crosby touched me! Sorry I'm okay again. My camera which was hanging on my wrist accidently bumped his car and I apologized at least three times, he was a sweet heart and said, "Don't worry about it." I thanked him for signing my shirt at least three times. The funny thing was the whole time I was standing less than a foot from the man, when he touched me, when I touched his car, I wasn't thinking "Oh my God it's Sidney Crosby," No, I was thinking, "Wow his beard looks good in person." I know I am such a lame and probably the only female Penguins' fan who would be thinking that while that close to Sidney Patrick Crosby. After I walked away there was about a three second span that I turned into a puck bunny, jumped up and in a little kid voice said, quietly, "Sidney." Overall it was a good time.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chapter Three

When Kris stepped onto the ice the cold air hit his face and so did a smile. Practice went well and he was put back on the top defensive unit. Upon returning to the apartment he sat on his bed with his phone in his hand trying to think of what he should say to Nikki. ‘It’s good to be back but I miss the big league,’ he thought at first, too cliché. ‘Practice went well, the game tonight should be interesting. I’ll text before I leave for the arena.’ Is what he finally settled on.

Nikki was in her first class of majors, theory, it wasn’t hard to get away with things in that class so she didn’t try very hard to hide her phone. A smile appeared when she saw that things were going well back in Canada. ‘Glad things are going well. Good luck tonight and have a good pre-game nap.’ The text had been sent and she thought to herself, ‘I miss you.’

Kris has just gotten comfortable when the text arrived. He pulled the phone from the bedside table thinking of how upset he would have been if he had received the text while drifting off to sleep. Opening his phone his thoughts were the furthest thing from anger and he smiled, closing his phone again.

After placing his phone back on the table and turning the light off he was asleep within seconds. His dream was just as they had been since he met her, of Nikki. This time it was different though. Normally his dreams reflected things that they had done, sitting and talking at the Marriott in Pittsburgh, walking to the arena together, occasionally he would dream of wrapping his arms around her for a hug. This dream though was something that he wanted; he brought her close to him and pressed his lips gently against hers. The kiss felt so real, but soon the alarm was beeping and he awoke to find his lips pressed against his pillow.

“Dude your hair looks like hell,” Luc said passing Kris’ room. “You should really do something with it before we leave.”

“Yeah, thanks,” he said kicking the door closed before picking out a suit.

“Damn, he really likes that girl,” Luc thought to himself pulling a banana from the bunch.

Nikki went straight home after school to prepare for the Pens’ away game. Now she had two teams to worry about on a nightly basis. One team would be easier to keep track of than the other. Penguins’ games she could watch and that night they were in Boston to take on the Bruins. The Foreurs on the other hand would be more challenging to keep track of. She was sure that Kris would update her following games, but she wanted to be able to congratulate him and see him play. The hard times would begin in a few hours when the puck dropped for the opening face-off between the Val-d’Or Foreurs and the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles. ‘The team Marc-Andre played for,’ she thought to herself.

She was taken form her thoughts when her phone vibrated on the desk next to her. ‘On my way to the arena, I’ll call you after the game if that’s okay.’

‘Bonne chance, I would love for you to call,’ she smiled.

Kris smiled when he received the text and Luc decided to speak up. “So, you really like this girl, don’t you?”

“Is it obvious?”

“I’m not gonna lie to you man, every time you get a text your face lights up, you’re always thinking about something, and I’m sure that something is her.”

“I do, I like her a lot. I had known her for less than twenty-four hours and had feelings for her. Now that I’m away from her though, in a different country, the feelings will go away and everything will be back to the way it was. As long as we’re still friends, I don’t want to lose her completely.”

“If that’s what you want,” Luc said pulling into the parking lot at the arena.

Nikki was reedy for the Pens to take on the Bruins and the opening face-off was dropped at seven oh eight. Malkin, Crosby and Malone all scored to bring their team the win and Marc-Andre stood strong in net only allowing one goal. Nikki went to check her things online after her shower and finally her phone rang. “Hello?” she answered with a smile.
“Bonjour Nikki.”

“Did you beat the Eagles?”

“Yeah, how’d you know who I was playing?”

“Your team’s website,” she said, worried that he would think that she was a creep.

“Oh,” he said, a smile in his voice. “Did the Pens win? I was going to look when I got home but I’m still in the locker room waiting for Luc to be ready.”

“Yep they won, it was a good game.”

They continued to talk and finally Luc was ready to leave, smiling when he saw that Kris was on the phone, guessing who is was. ‘There’s no way he’s giving up on this girl.’ He tapped Kris on the shoulder to let him know that he was ready to leave and Kris continued to talk to Nikki the whole way back to the apartment.

“Text whenever you can tomorrow, okay?” Nikki said when Kris walked into his room.

“I will, bon huit Nicolette.”

“Bon huit Kristopher.” They both hung up at the same time, both resting their heads back against their head boards. Nikki quickly fell asleep thinking about how she would wake up to a Thursday morning and that only two days stood between her and a Penguins’ game. She also looked forward to being able to talk to Kris as long as she wanted without worrying about waking up for school in the morning.

When Kris hung up he still sat on his bed in his suit, not wanting to get up. Forcing himself to get out of bed he stripped down to his boxers before crawling back into bed. As he drifted off to sleep one thing was on his mind, Nikki.

Thursday Nikki’s day drug on and she was excited when she received a text from Kris while in her psychology class. She wondered how in the past week she hadn’t been caught texting, apparently her face lit up every time she received a text from him. When he texted he was just leaving the arena after morning skate was over. He hoped that with one more game under his belt that he would feel more at home back in Val-d’Or.

Leaving for the arena for the second of back to back games he texted her again. “Bonne chance Kristopher, you can call me after the game, I want to know how it goes.’ Was her response.

The Foreurs lost that night to the Lewiston MAINEiacs but had to put the loss behind them. Kris talked to Nikki following the game like he had promised and after telling her the final scored they refrained from talking about the game.

“Well, I’m gonna head to bed.”

“Okay we’ll talk tomorrow, we’ll have to text though.”

“That’s fine, goodnight Kris.”

“Goodnight Nikki.”

The next day it was school for Nikki and the rink for Kris. The Foreurs had a short practice and were sent home to pack for their road trip that night. Kris pulled a Reebok bag from his closet and thoughtlessly threw a few things in it before sitting on his bed and pulling his phone from his pocket. It was noon and Nikki was in psych so Kris decided that he would text her, just to kill time.

Nikki smiled when her phone interrupted her conversation with her friend Shelby. ‘Hey Nikki, I have time to kill before I go to Montreal.’

‘Montreal, eh? I really want to go there someday, I’ve hear it’s beautiful.’

Kris smiled, ‘I would love for you to be in Montreal,’ he though. ‘It’s a beautiful city.’

They talked until it was time to meet at the arena and the only time they stopped was when Nikki changed classed so that she wouldn’t get her phone taken. When it was time to meet at the arena though Luc made Kris drive a take a short break from texting, saving his fingers.

The bus was loaded at six and was leaving the parking lot soon after, Kris never put his phone down.

“I don’t know why I’m asking this, but who are you talking to?

“Nicolette,” he said smiling.

“Should have known, not giving up on her then?”

“I just like talking to her, we’re talking about you right now.”

“Don’t tell her anything bad,” he said picking up his own phone.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eric Godard?

So, I have a thing for Eric Godard now. He's such a sweet heart, off the ice, and he is adorable. I was wondering, if I write a one shot about him (I already started it) would anyone read it?

Please let me know and continue to read and comment on all of my other stories!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chapter Two

Sorry it's taken so long to update, I've been so busy with school and the playoffs... But the chapter is here now, I hope you all enjoy it. Comments are greatly appreciated. =]

Chapter Two

"Kris, can I talk to you for a moment?" Ray said at practice the next day. Kris stopped and turned to speak with the general manager. "You've shown great skill over the last seven games, but I'm sorry to say that we're returning you to your junior team."

"I understand, thank you," he said before turning towards the locker room. He changed into his street clothes before returning to his room at the Marriott and taking his phone from his pocket. It was only one o'clock so he quickly texted Nikki who still sat in school. "Bonjour Nicolette, can you come up to the Marriott after school?"

Receiving the text Nikki stealthily removed her phone from her pocket and quickly read Kris' message before replying, "Of course, I'll see you around four."

Nikki attended a performing arts school which she had absolutely hated since freshman year. Her parents wanted her to get a good education and since it was the "best" Pittsburgh Public School she was forced to stay. Thankfully with each passing day she came closer to finishing her high school career as a vocal major.

The bell finally rang to end the day and as quickly as possible Nikki gathered her things and made it through the crowd in front of the school. After a few minutes the hotel came into view and when she arrived the door man pulled her aside. "Excuse me, Ms. James?"


"Mr. Letang asked that I show you to his room." He led her to the elevators and it
stopped on the eighth floor where she was led to his room. "Mr. Letang, Ms. James is here."

Kris opened the door and Nikki smiled upon seeing him and thanked the door man. She followed Kris into the room where she saw his suitcase and a pile of clothes on the bed. "Kris, what's going on?"

"I've been sent back to my junior team, I just wanted to see you before I left. My flight leaves in a few hours."

"Oh," was all that she could say.

"I hope that we can still be friends," he said, hope in his voice.

"I will always be your friend Kris," she wrapped her arms around him as he wrapped his around her. Her head rested on his chest and she breathed in the scent of Irish Spring and Old Spice. "I'll miss you Kristopher. But don't worry we'll talk and I'll convince my parents to let me come visit."

He smiled, "I'll miss you too Nicolette." He still held her and took in the scent of her brown hair. 'God I'll miss her,' he thought to himself.

"I'll let you finish packing," Nikki said pulling herself from his arms.

"I'll call you when I get to Val-d'Or, good-bye Nikki." She nodded before leaving the room and quietly closing the door. She leaned against the wall and slid to the floor, her head in her hands. On the other side of the door Kris did the same, his hair fell to his face but he didn't bother to move it.

A few moments passed and Nikki brought herself to her feet, starting towards her bus stop and home. Kris eventually brushed his long hair from his eyes and stood to finish packing, all the while thinking of how much he would miss Nikki. With one last look around the room he made sure that he hadn't missed anything and closed his suitcase.

Slowly walking down the long hall he finally made it to the elevator and pushed the down button. The doors opened on the first floor and he checked out before going outside to the car that awaited him. The driver was someone from the Penguins' organization but didn't bother to make conversation. The made radio made things less awkward as they sat in traffic on the way to the airport, rush hour was a real pain. By six o'clock they had arrived at the airport, checked his bags, and been through security. The gate for the flight to Montreal is where he sat eating a light dinner and awaiting his boarding call. It finally came at six-thirty and the plane took off shortly after six forty-five.

Nikki sat trying to concentrate on her English essay, but every five minutes she found herself looking to her phone. She had no idea when Kris was leaving let alone landing in Montreal. Every time she looked up she would force herself to focus on homework, telling herself that Kris would in fact call her.

The flight took two hours and Kris quickly gathered his things before finding his best friend who would be driving him back to Val-d'Or. "Thanks Luc, do you mind if I call someone?"
"Don't worry about it, is this someone a girl?"

"Yeah," he said taking his phone from his pocket. It was just after nine o'clock so he figured that he would have a decent amount of time to talk to Nikki before she had to shower and go to bed.

Nikki had just finished and was double-spacing her essay when her phone vibrated on the desk next to her. Her face lit up and a smile appeared when she saw the called id display. "Hello," she said with excitement, but trying to hide that she had been awaiting his call.

"Hey Nikki, just landed in Montreal and now I'm on my way to Val-d'Or."

"How was the flight?" she asked, saving and printing her paper.

"Pas mal, I miss Pittsburgh already," he paused. "Et tu." Nikki smiled, he was thinking about her. Luc also smiled although his was a curious smile. Kris was all that Nikki had thought about since she left his room hours earlier. "Is that wrong?" he asked when she didn't speak right away.

"No Kris it's not wrong, I miss you too."

Kris smiled and tried to make himself more comfortable in the front seat of Luc's car, he figured that they would be talking for a while. They discussed when they would be able to see each other again but knew that it couldn't be until at least December. "I try to convince my parents to let me come up over Christmas break; maybe spend two or three days."

"Are you sure?" Kris asked somewhat in disbelief that she would want to come see him in another country.

"Yeah, by then I'll really miss seeing your smiling face. Maybe Cassie, Michelle, and I could come up, we could have fun." She thought of all of the fun they could have and how much she would miss Kris over the next two months.

Again Kris smiled. "I'll have to meet these two, are they like you?"

"Oh yeah. Cassie is almost exactly like me and we've been friends since fifth grade. She's a big hockey fan and it's all because of me. Michelle's a lot like me, but crazier. I'm pretty laid back compared to her; although she's crazy I love her. She's a big hockey fan too, partially influence by me. She liked it before she met me and I guess you could say that I corrupted her."

"Bon," he said with a laugh. They continued to talk until ten forty-five, all the while ignoring Luc.

"Text me tomorrow to let me know how the first day back goes, okay?"

"You'll be the first to know," he said with a smile. "Bon huit Nicolette."

"Bon huit Kristopher."

They hung up at exactly the same time and their thought were only of each other. Luc snapped Kris back to reality and he told of how he had met Nikki. He had seen her only a few hours earlier and missed her already; he didn’t even want to think of how much he would miss her by the end of the two months they would be apart.

Nikki went to shower and as she did she couldn't keep Kris from her thoughts. After showering she sat down at her computer and eventually found the Val-d'Or Foreurs website and saw that they had a game the next night. She sighed resting her head back against the big leather chair knowing that she wouldn't be about to talk to him the next night. Exiting out of internet explorer she put her computer on stand-by before lying down in bed. "Goodnight Kristopher," she whispered before drifting off to sleep.

Luc and Kris soon made it to their apartment and in a way Kris was glad to be home.

Kris and Nikki's dreams were of each other and each woke smiling, only to remember that they were hundreds of miles from each other. Nikki got ready and left for school only a few hours before Kris got ready for his first Foreurs morning skate on the year.

He quickly showered and pulled a baseball cap over his long hair and waited for Luc to be ready. They made their way to the arena and Kris easily found the locker room and his stall, he could have done it with his eyes closed.

There hung his jersey, it was red and white with the name 'Letang' and the number twelve stitched across the back. He ran his hand along the sleeve before sitting down to begin putting his gear on for practice.

In a way he was glad to be back, but he would much rather have been in an NHL locker room, back in the big leagues.