Monday, October 12, 2009

Chapter Eight

“I miss him already,” Nikki said to herself when she sat down on the plane just an hour after leaving his arm. She pulled the picture from her wallet and got lost in Kris’ beautiful brown eyes. That is until the captain’s voice was heard over the loud speaker, pulling her from her thoughts.
“You okay?” Luc asked when they made it back to the car.

“What makes you think that I wouldn’t be?” He looked down at his cell phone as if wanting for her to text even though he knew that she couldn’t.

“Dude she just let and you look like you had your heart ripped out.”

“I miss her.”

Two hours after taking off in Montreal Nikki was walking from her gate to baggage claim and pulling her cell phone from her pocket. Kris and Luc were about half way home and in mind conversation when Kris was startled by the ringtone she had for Nikki. “Hello,” he said, more excitedly that he had intended to.

“Bonjour Kristopher, I’m in Pittsburgh.” Nikki found her bag and soon found her mom’s car, talking to Kris the entire time, occasionally Luc said a thing or two.

Arriving home Nikki threw her bag on the floor and fell into bed. She had missed it but she knew that waking up in Pittsburgh would not be the same a waking up in Val-d’Or. There was one thing that she would miss the most though, and that was the man she was still talking to.

The next morning Nikki sat down at her computer and opened her Gmail account. In the ‘to’ line she wrote Kris' e-mail address and sat back; thinking about what she wanted to write.

First of all I want to thank you for letting me come stay with you, you have no idea how much it meant to me. I'm so glad that I got to met Luc, he's a great guy. =] I hope that I can see you guys again, maybe I can come up again this summer? We'll talk about it at some point I'm sure. I miss Canada, of course there's snow here but it's not the same as snow in Canada. Maybe it's the fact that I miss you, that might be it.

Well I should get going; I haven't really spent much time with my friends here lately, mostly because I was in Canada for a week. I'm pretty sure that I told you all of this at some point last night, there's one thing though that I didn't tell you....

I love you Kristopher.

She had never intended to send this e-mail and after writing that she loved him, which may or may not have been true, she deleted it all and walked away from her computer.

“Kristopher!” Nikki said excitedly when she answered the phone. It was now April and time for the playoffs to start; junior, minor, and NHL. The Penguins were set to take on the Ottawa Senators, the entire city was energized, it was their first playoff appearance since 2001. The Baby Penguins were ready to take on the Norfolk Admirals and the Foreurs would face-off against the Lewiston MAINEiacs.

“Bonjour Nicolette.”

“Are you ready for your game tonight? I wish I could be there to watch.”

“I think we’re ready, how do your boys look? You guys are playing the Sens right?”

“Mhm, it feels so good to be back in the playoffs,” Nikki smiled, after all it had been five years.
“The city is going crazy.”

The Foreurs and the Penguins were not as ready as they thought they were, the Penguins fell to the Sens in five games and the Foreurs were swept by the MAINEiacs. The Wilkes-Barre Baby Penguins however fared better than Nikki’s other two teams; defeating the Admiral in six games and moving on to take on the Hersey Bears.

Nikki was sitting in choir when her phone buzzed in her pocket. This class was the absolute hardest to text in, she always managed to get away with it but the way that the room was set up the teacher, who stood in the middle of the room, could see everyone and what they were doing. Slyly removing her phone from her pocket she saw that she had a text from Kris, since she had been relatively happy that day she didn’t have to worry about keeping a smile from her face, she already wore one. ‘Guess who’ going to WBS?’

Now she had to hold back her emotion, to remember that she was in the middle of class and that if she got too excited she would have her phone taken. ‘Kris that’s great! I wish that I could come see you but I have so much going on here and there’s no way that my mom would let me go alone.’ She typed quickly and shoved her phone into her pocket.

Nikki’s phone buzzed again but for some reason her teacher was now working with her side of the room so she had to wait until the end of the day. When the final bell rang she briskly walked to her locker and by the time she remembered that she had a text she had walked out of school and half way down the street. ‘I wish I could come to Pittsburgh, I miss it.’

‘And I miss you,’ Nikki thought.

Kris only played one game in Wilkes-Barre but in that game he assisted on a goal. His time there was short lived as the Baby Penguins, just like Nikki’s other two teams, were pushed from the playoff rush they were beaten by the Bears in seven games. “Tiens,” Kris said after falling in game seven.

“Bonjour Kristopher, je regret.” She had no more teams to cheer for. The Senators were still in the playoff race and she hoped more than anything that they didn’t win.

“It’s fine, back to Canada now. I wish that I could come to Pittsburgh for a few days but I have to go to some awards show.”

“It’s okay, we’re gonna try to hang out at least once this summer, right?”

They talked for about an hour before Nikki went to bed, she has school the next day.

April ended, all of May past, and June began. Nikki was almost done with school which meant she would soon be graduating and she couldn’t be happier. The playoffs were also drawing to an end and it was down to the Ottawa Senators and the Anaheim Ducks. Game five was set to take place on Wednesday, June, sixth, Nikki’s last day of school. The Ducks were leading the series three games to one and Nikki hoped that they would be the team to win.


He pushed her against wall and his lips crashed down on hers for a rough, passionate kiss. Nikki had no idea what she had been thinking about, her train of thought stopped completely for a moment When she began to be able to think again all she could do was try to wrap her brain around what was going on. His lips were soft against hers, as were hers against his. As much as he wanted to kiss her gently, to place soft kisses along her jaw-line before moving onto her neck, there was so much emotion on both sides of the kiss that it forged their lips together. Kris and Nikki had both wanted this for so long that they would take what they could get and worry about taking their time later.

His hands were on either side of her, pressed against the wall holding himself far enough away from her. She was still shocked but her hands no longer cling to his tight black t-shirt but ran up his chest, taking in how muscular he was, around to the back of his neck and as she had wanted to since they day she met him in the Marriott her hands ran through his soft brown hair. As each strand slipped through her fingers more of her weight was pushed against the wall as her knees began to grow weak and she was unable to stand on her own two feet.

Kris brought one arm behind her, helping her to keep her balance. Neither of the two wanted it to end. His lips felt so right against hers, as did his body, he had brought her closer, needing to be near her. The kiss was so intoxicating that, as was the softness of his hair, the overall rightness of the situation made Nikki feel as though she was in heaven, or maybe just dreaming.

Just as she was about to pull away to say that she loved the man who held her so close, so lovingly, a buzz pulled her from her sleep. The smile that had moments earlier lie on her lips was now replaced by a look of disbelief. She knew that that would never happen especially not under those circumstances, but she could hope and she could certainly dream. She still clung to her teddy bear in hopes that she would drift back to sleep and that the dream would return, but she had no such luck. Her phone buzzed again, it was time to get up for school, her last day of high school.


  1. aww!! this was a GREAT chapter!!! i hope they get to hang out in the summer!! :) and it REALLY SUCKS that the ending was just a dream!
    i cant wait for more!! :)

  2. Ugh! Meanie... lol

    I hope she gets to go to Canada again, and maybe her dream will become reality*

    Loved the update hun!

  3. awh im sad she had to leave. and she should of sent that email! the last part needs to come true! like soon. (: