Saturday, June 15, 2013

Chapter Twenty

This chapter isn't super long, but I think that is should be enough to hold you over for a bit. Comment to let me know that you're reading and let me know what you think of Kris and Nikki's budding relationship. Enjoy, and thank you for reading.

Kris and Nikki woke up at almost the same time, about thirty seconds separated when they returned from dreamland. Nikki snuggled further into Kris’ chest hoping that somehow she could be closer to him. “Good morning, beautiful.”

“Good morning, handsome.” She angled her head so that her lips could meet the ones that awaited them. The soft, sweet kiss was innocent, yet still channeled their feelings for each other. The night before had been filled with passion, even before they made it to the bed in Kris’ hotel room. Being apart had definitely brought them closer. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. 

Nikki lay back onto Kris’ right arm and as she did the sheet that covered them slid down. The air in the room was cool and only being covered by a sheet Nikki was a bit cold. She grabbed the sheet and pulled it up to her chin and cuddling deeper into both the bed and Kris. “Are you afraid to have me see you naked?” 

Nikki was already cold, but the hint of sleep still in Kris’ voice along with his sexy French-Canadian accent made her shiver. “No,” she said, “It’s cold in here.”

“Good, that might have been a problem after last night.” He ran his hand along her bare side, savoring the feel of her skin against his. When they had gone to sleep they were both sated and content, but being awake and naked in bed together was causing their need for each other to return. He rolled to face her and just before their lips connected he saw the bright numbers on the clock. Their lips met and as they did Kris sighed. “I’ve gotta go to practice,” he said after pulling away. “But I promise after practice and a stop in the gift shop down stairs we can repeat last night.”

After a quick shower together they got dressed and walked across the street together, their fingers laced. The players’ lot was about half full when they arrived which meant that either only half the team was there or a lot of people had carpooled. ‘Cars,’ Kris thought. ‘If I’m going to be here for a while I’m going to need to get mine here somehow.

The locker room was only half full, which made sense, if anyone was going to carpool it would to a game and not to practice Max was one of the ten or so guys in the room and upon seeing this Kris felt Nikki’s fingers sliding from his. Clearly she has seen him too. And she really was going to thank him for what had happened the night before.

“Hey Max,” Nikki said when she reached his stall.

“Nice to finally actually meet you.” 

Nikki had been wishing the team luck for a few years, but she had only talked to them from the wall above the players’ entrance, or a few brief conversations with a few of the guys at the fence when she had been there for morning skate. She had never been in the locker room before. The previous year Kris had only played seven games for the Penguins and he and Nikki had only been friends. Now that they were together he could bring her into the locker room with him, at least as long as he was playing in the NHL.

“You too. Um – I just wanted to say thanks.”

It took Max about five seconds to figure out what he was being thanked for. He didn’t think that he had done anything; that is until he remembered his conversation with Kris from the night before. Max had given Kris the condom that he kept in his, in case Kris got lucky. Apparently, he had. When it finally clicked a goofy smile came to his face. “Oh, you’re quite welcome.” Nikki walked away in the direction of Kris’ stall and Max finished pulling his skates on before heading the same way. “Way to go, mon ami,” he said as he passed.