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Chapter Sixteen

It has been FOREVER, I know. This a short chapter, but I felt that I should give you guys at least a little something to read. Enjoy and GO PENS!

Chapter Sixteeen

"I wish we could love, but it's almost time for you to leave." He tucked a few loose strands of hair behind Nikki's ear.

"I know, shit I still have to pack."

"Nicolette," he said sternly, "Go pack, now."

Nikki placed a gentle kiss on Kris' lips before rolling off his body and the bed. A small squeal escaped her lips and she jumped slightly as Kris lightly tapped her behind. Her things were scattered throughout the house and she gathered them as quickly, she wanted to spend at much time with Kris as possible before she had to leave him again. This time would be more difficult than the last had been, then neither knew what the other was feeling. This time they had to go from spending every moment together for the past week, to not being able to see each other until September, just under three months. They would make the relationship work though, they had made their feelings for each other last this long, three months until Kris was back in Pittsburgh would be nothing.

"How long til we have to leave?" Nikki yelled from the front door, placing her bags down.

"About an hour and a half," Kris said from the bedroom, still laying on the bed.

"I'm all packed," She headed back to the bedroom and was standing in the doorway before saying, "I was thinking we get ready and then just sit around until we absolutely have to leave."

"Sounds good to me."

After they were both ready and everything of Nikki's was packed they sat down on the couch just to talk. Nikki sat with her head resting on Kris' chest. "So, do we make this Facebook official?"

Kris smiled, "That's up to you, I don't care who knows that we're together. All that matters is that I love you."

"I love you too Kris, no one knows about us yet." Kris gave her a questioning look. "I barely talked to anyone while I was here."

Kris smiled and kissed her cheek. They sat on the couch until they absolutely had to leave for the airport. Nikki tried to carries her bags to the car, but Kris wouldn't allow it. "Kris, you really don't have to do that, I can carry them."

"I can carry them too, I'm the boyfriend it's what I'm supposed to do."

'It'd be weird if I was the boyfriend, wouldn't it?"

"Smart ass." He placed her bags on the ground next to the car and pushed her against it. He placed his hands on either side of her and his lips came crashing down on hers. Just as with every kiss it was filled with passion, need. Kris ran his tongue along Nikki's lower lip, wanting so badly to part her lips, let his tongue explore, battle with hers, but he pulled back, breaking the kiss. "Fuck," he ran his hand through his hair. "We really have to go."

"I'm going to miss being able to do that whenever I want," Nikki said sadly.

"Me too," He placed a gentle peck on her lips before saying, "In the car, now." He opened the passenger side door for her and closed it after one last kiss before putting her bags in the trunk and getting into the car himself.

The ride to the airport wasn't too long , Nikki and Kris continued to talk. When they arrived at the airport Kris' heart dropped, it was just like the last time that he had taken her to the airport, although a few things were different this time. Unlike last time Kris loved Nikki, she knew, and they were together. Kris carried Nikki's bags inside and to the check-in counter. After checking her bag and being handed her boarding pass Nikki and Kris headed towards security. Her flight took off in two and a half hours, she needed to be getting to security soon.

"I'll call you when I land and then again when I get home tonight." Nikki said placing her carry-on bag on the floor and practically falling against Kris' body.

"You're not going straight home?"

"Cassie and Michelle have plans for me, no idea what. All I know is that they're picking me up from the airport."

"I love you Nicolette, goodbye," Kris said before pressing his lips to hers for one final kiss.

"I love you too Kristopher, bye." She picked up her bag swinging it over her shoulder and headed towards security. Before it was her turn she turned back to where she had left Kris, he was still standing there. She waved and blew him a kiss before it was her turn to walk through the metal detector. When she looked back again he was gone.


Nikki's flight home was okay, she missed Kris though. As soon as the plane planned in Pittsburgh and the passengers were given the okay to use their cell phones she pulled hers from her pocket and called Kris. They talked until just before she made it to baggage claim, she could see Michelle and Cassie. "Bye Kris, I love you."

"I love you too Nikki, bye."

Nikki talked to Michelle and Cassie as they made their way to the car, it was all about what had happened in Pittsburgh over the past five days though. Once they made it to the car is when Nikki ended up being the one answering the questions instead of asking them. "So anything exciting happen in Canada? Have sex with any random hockey players?" Of course Michelle was the one to ask this.

"Random hockey players no."

Nikki was glad that Michelle wasn't driving because they would have crashed, she turned her head to Nikki who was in the back seat so fast, hoping that she had heard her wrong. "Excuse me?"

"Okay we didn't have sex, we did make out a lot though."

This time both Cassie and Michelle looked at Nikki. "Someone we know?" They asked in unison.

"Kris," Nikki said simply and with a smile. The next look she received was one that didn't need to be accompanied with words, they wanted her to spill.

New Story!

Hey everyone the first chapter of my new story, Broken Promises, is up.

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New Story?

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in reading a story that had nothing at all to do with a hockey player? Please get back to me. Hopefully more of this story will be up soon as well. Love you all. GO PENS! <3