Sunday, November 8, 2009

Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten

June seventeenth finally came, Nikki's mom's birthday and the day before she left for Canada. After having a small birthday dinner with the family for all three birthdays that week Nikki went to her room to finally pack, she was a bit of a procrastinator. "Why hello there sexy," she said before picking up the phone after reading the caller id. "Bonjour Kristopher."

"Bonjour Nicolette."

"You're picking me up from the airport tomorrow, right?"

"No I'm going to make you walk to my house," he said in a joking tone. "Of course I will be there to pick my best friend up."

"Bon, I'm excited to be coming back to Canada, especially Montreal. I loved Val-d'Or but as you know I'm a city girl."

The conversation went on for a while before Nikki decided that going to bed was the best idea, she wanted to be rested for the next day and when she saw her young Canadian friend. In Canada Kris was talking to Luc. "She's coming back to Canada to spend another week with you, and this time it's just you, I think it's safe to say that this girl has a thing for you."

"I don't know," he continued in French. "What happens if I don't make the big squad this year and I don't get to see her?"

"Don't be so negative. We're both going to make the NHL and you're going to be happy with a beautiful girl, okay?"

"Oui, merci."

The next morning Nikki awoke to the sound of the alarm clock on her phone and quickly got ready. She threw on a pair of jeans, a Pens' t-shirt and converse before eating a bowl of cereal. Throwing her bag in the trunk she waited for her mom in the passenger seat of the car and soon they were off to the airport. Arriving at the airport she said good-bye to her mother before checking her bag and making her way through security. Once she found her gate she sat down and awaited the boarding call for her flight.

When it finally came she found her seat and again didn't pay any attention to the safety instructions. Once the plane took off for Montreal she pulled her wallet from her pocket and from the wallet she took her favorite picture. As she looked at it she let her mind wander back to that day, the three of them happy and spending time together. She missed both Kris and Luc but on this trip she would only be seeing Kris. This was perfectly okay with her, spending time with the man who she found she falling for more and more every day. Staring at the picture she wished that Kris shared the same feelings she did, if only she knew.

Upon landing in Montreal she made her way to baggage claim in search of her bag and her best friend. After pulling her bag form the belt she was off in search of the reason she was back in Canada. It took less than a minute of searching to find him, standing about twenty feet from her was the attractive French-Canadian she had come to know and love. As she found him he was running his fingers through his hair sending a chill through Nikki's body, oh how she had missed that.

There eyes met and they started towards each other. When they were within five feet of each other Nikki dropped her bag and ran towards him, jumping into his arms. Thank God he was a hockey player and was used to things like this. Once she was in his arms she took in the scent that she had missed so much over the past five months; she had missed everything about this man. "I missed you Kristopher," she said while still in his arms. She didn't want to let go and apparently neither did he.

When he did place her back on the ground though he took her hand, bringing it to his lips and placing a gentle kiss. "I missed you too, Nicolette."

They both agreed that they had spent enough time in the airport and they should start off towards Kris' house. Learning her lesson the first time she had come to visit Kris, Nikki didn't argue when Kris tried to carry her bag for her.

A twenty minute drive was all it took for them to find themselves at Kris' house, a cute little house. Kris grabbed Nikki's bag from the trunk of the car and lead her to the room where she would be staying. It was not much bigger than the room she had had in Val-d'Or but it had a different feel to it. "Want to see my room?" Kris asked.

"Of course," Nikki smiled. She had things to add to this sentence but she chose to keep them inside, a wise choice. The room was a bit larger than the one that she would be staying in. A queen size bed sat against one wall and a dresser along the other. On the night stand by the bed sat the picture of Nikki and Kris, part of him hoped that she would see it while another hoped that she didn't. The walls were bare except for a picture of a hockey team that Nikki recognized by their jerseys, the Val-d'Or Foreurs. The walls along with the comforter on the bed were a light blue. The light hard wood floor lay under a simple rug. The bed, the dresser, and the night stand were all a dark wood, contrasting with the light tone of the rest of the room. Two windows next to the bed light up the room and Nikki could imagine that this sometimes annoyed Kris.

"Not much, are you hungry?" It was around one o'clock and Kris knew that flying always made him hungry.

"Mhm," she said with a nod. "Are you cooking?"

"Not lunch, but I'll make you dinner," he smiled. "Let's go out and I'll show you around town."

That's exactly what they did; a small café was where they enjoyed a small lunch before Kris showed Nikki a few parts of town. "It's a lot more beautiful at night," he said as they looked towards the city.

"It's still pretty beautiful," Nikki smiled, she was talking about the city but also they man who she was with.

After a brief tour of the town they found themselves back at Kris' house where he went straight to the kitchen and Nikki attempted to help but was soon told to make herself comfortable in the living room.

Soon the smell of food drifted into the living room, catching Nikki's attention and drawing her to the kitchen. A smile came to Kris' face when she entered the room, he was facing away from the doorway but could sense when she stepped through the threshold. "Dinner should be ready in about ten minutes."

Ten minutes later Kris was placing the last dish on the table and sitting down across from Nikki. Throughout dinner they talked about everything from Pittsburgh to Luc and his girlfriend. Kris had also made cupcakes for Nikki's birthday.

After a delicious meal Nikki returned to the living room after being assured that Kris could handle the dishes himself. She sat down on the couch and made herself at home, turning the TV on and trying her best to understand the French being spoken. She shut the TV off though when she heard the water in the kitchen shut. Kris sat down on the couch next to her, but keeping enough space so that it wasn't awkward. "Nikki," Kris said nervously.

"Kris," she said with a smile turning to face him.

He took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair before speaking. "Okay I don't want to make the rest of your trip awkward and it will be awkward if you say no. And I'm sorry if I make everything awkward but Luc said that I should do it."

'Rambling about making things awkward is definitely the way to go Kris, good job,' he thought to himself during the brief pause. He mentally hit himself on the back of the head when Nikki spoke.

"Kris," she said placing a hand on his, sending a chill through both of their bodies which they each tried to hide and ignore. She tried not to giggle at his rambling, it was cute she thought. Trying to keep her voice steady she spoke more softly than normal saying, "Kris what are you trying to say?"

The smile on her face was all that made him continue, this time more slowly than the last time he spoke, but still on the side of rambling than calm speech. "Seeing you again made me realize something. I really, really liked you but now I'm pretty sure that I love you. I guess what I'm trying to say is --"

"Yes Kris I will go out with you," she said cutting him off. She leaned in and placed a kiss on his cheek, she wanted so much more, to feel his lips pressed against hers like in her dreams, but for now she would take what she could get. "I'm pretty sure that I love you too."

Kris sighed, relieved that that was all over. Nikki who seemed confident on the outside was just as nervous as Kris was on the inside. She inched closer to him and after a few minutes she found their legs touching. He put his arm around her hoping that she wouldn't push him away. He was again relieved when she rested her head against his chest, something that she had wanted to do for months. "I guess it's a happy birthday for you then?"

"I don't think anything could make it better," she said lifting her head and looking into his dark brown eyes.

"Even this?" He asked before leaning in and pressing his lips to hers. It was exactly how both of them had dreamt it would be, possibly even better. His lips were soft and tasted of the cupcakes they had had following dinner. Hers were the same against his and even though the kiss only lasted a few brief seconds it told them both what they need to know; they really did love one another.

"Okay I lied, that made it better." She rested her head back against his chest after placing a kiss on his cheek. They both smiled, they had waited so long for this moment. Spending times with Kris would have been enough for her but she definitely would not complain about what had happened. She felt safe in his arms and the kiss certainly didn't hurt. She let her right hand lay on her thigh and hoped that Kris would take notice. Soon enough he did and hesitantly he placed his hand over hers and laced their fingers. Nikki gently squeezed his hand to let him know that it was okay and they spend the next few hours just sitting in each others arms and watching something on TV.


  1. aww!!! YAY!!!! i love the fact that they are together!! :)
    "Want to see my room?" Kris asked.

    "Of course," Nikki smiled. She had things to add to this sentence but she chose to keep them inside, a wise choice.

    ^^ that made me laugh!! :)

  2. Way to leave it on a good note*
    I was worried that you were going to end this chapter and leave is completely hanging... but now I'm ok with waiting until you can come up with more after the first of the year!

    But I will miss your comments on my stories and your posts and things on facebook!!

  3. awhhhhhhh im so glad that they are together now....

  4. OHHH an by the way MY boyfriend is at Lakeland?! air force base in Texas hell be there till Jan 16....His names Derek Porter so if yah happen to met him dont be afraid to make fun of him for me:]