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Chapter Nineteen

Happy Birthday, Kristopher!

Chapter Nineteen

                The first two weeks that they were apart were the hardest, they had just gotten used to spending time together for more than a week. The month that they had spent together in Pittsburgh had brought them closer and Kris was glad that he had gotten to Pittsburgh early. 

                November came and with each passing day and no call-up to Pittsburgh Kris and Nikki though that it would be the middle of December before they were able to see each other again. Kris was happily surprised when two weeks into the month he was told that he was being called up to the big league. “Baby, what are you doing tonight?” Kris asked when Nikki answered the phone.

                “Um, watching the game? Is there something else I should be doing?”

                “How about sleeping in the arms of your beau petit ami?”

                “You got called up? Kris that’s great!”

                “The best part is that I get to see you.”

                “That is the best part, oh Kris I can’t wait until you get to Pittsburgh.”

                “I can’t wait either. I have to go so that I can get there though, but I wanted to let you know. I love you, Nicolette.”

                “I love you too, Kristopher. I can’t wait to see you tonight.”

                “I’ll text you my room number when I get there and I’ll leave a key for you at the front desk. See you tonight.”

                Nikki had been on her way to class when her phone had gone off. She had been walking towards the math building for her least favorite class and had not been looking for it. Now after the phone call from Kris and the thought of seeing her later that day, nothing could bring her down. 

                When he arrived in Pittsburgh and at the Marriott it felt like he was home. He checked in, told the women behind the desk to set aside a key for a Ms. Nikki James, and quickly made his way to his room. He sent a text to Nikki with his room number, put his bags down, and drank a glass of water before it was time to head to the arena for the game. 

                Nikki had driven straight to the Marriott after her last class and made it to the arena in time to wish the last few guys luck. After the last of the players arrived Nikki crossed the street and decided to watch the game at the restaurant in the lobby. 

                “Welcome back Kris,” Max Talbot said just before the team took the ice for the pre-game skate. “You spending the night with your girl?”

                “I am.” A smile took over his whole face.

                “Well, you might need this then,” Max said digging into the pocket of the suite pants that he had worn into the arena for his wallet. He pulled the packet out and handed it to Kris. 

                “I really don’t think so; we’re not at that point in our relationship.”

                “Keep it man, just in case.”

                Kris put it into the pocket of suit pants and completely forgot about it as he and the rest of the Penguins took the ice. They Pens beat the Islanders which added to Kris’ crazy amount of emotions brought on by this whirlwind day. Getting called up to Pittsburgh was great, and a win was always nice, but more than anything Kris couldn’t wait to get back to his hotel and to see Nikki’s smiling face.

                He quickly showered and got dressed in his suit before hurrying across the street. Nikki was waiting on a bench in the lobby and she saw him before he saw her. Her face lit up and she stood before he came through the door that was being held open by the door man. “Nicolette,” he said when he finally saw her. He quickly closed the ten feet between them and dropped his bag on the floor before throwing his arms around Nikki. “Oh, baby I’ve missed you so much.”

                “I’ve missed you too, Kristopher, I’m so glad that you’re here.” She rested her head against his muscular chest and took in his scent. He didn’t smell like Irish Spring and Old Spice like he normally did, he smelled of locker room soap, but he still smelled good.

                After a few minutes of being content in each other’s arms they headed for the elevator. Once the doors closed Kris took Nikki in his arms again and their lips came together. They both had intended for the kiss to be passionate yet still somewhat innocent. However, after having not seen each other for six weeks the innocent kiss quickly became passionate and intense. Tongues grazed lips and were soon swirling in a dance of lovers reunited. 

                As intense as the kiss was it was ended when the chime dinged to indicate that they were at their desired floor. Nikki picked up her overnight bag and they walked hand-in-hand to Kris’ room. When they made it to the door Kris couldn’t push down the desire to taste Nikki’s sweet lips again. 

                He pushed her against door and his lips crashed down on hers for a rough, passionate kiss. While the kiss was rough Kris’ lip were soft against hers, as were hers against his. As much as he wanted to kiss her gently, to place soft kisses along her jaw-line before moving onto her neck, there was so much emotion on both sides of the kiss that it forged their lips together. 

His hands were on either side of her, pressed against the door holding himself far enough away from her so that she wasn’t squished. The intensity of the kiss was ten times that of the one from the elevator and more passionate than any kiss they had shared in the past.  She was still a bit in shock, but her hands no longer cling to his suit jacket but pushed it back enough so that she could run her hands up his chest, taking in how muscular he was. When she reached the collar of his shirt she began to loosen his tie. She had no idea what color his tie was and at this point it was the least of her worries.

Since the kiss began her eyes had been closed and she didn’t care if someone happened to walk down the hall past them. The only things she cared about were the man that she was connected to at the lips and the passion that they shared. She moved her hands to the back of his neck and ran her hands through his soft brown hair. As each strand slipped through her fingers more of her weight was pushed against the door and her knees began to grow weak; she was unable to stand on her own two feet.

Kris brought one arm behind her, helping her to keep her balance. Neither of the two wanted it to end, and it would have taken an earthquake to bring them completely to a stop. There was so much urgency in the kiss, need for each other after being away from each other. His lips felt so right against hers, as did his body, he had brought her closer, needing to be near her. The kiss was so intoxicating as was the softness of his hair and the need to be closer to him even though their bodies were touching.  The overall rightness of the situation made Nikki feel as though she was in heaven, may be dreaming. She had had dreams like this before, but she knew that this time, this kiss, and this need was real.

Kris’ arms and both his and Nikki’s legs were growing tired so after an unknown amount of time they broke apart. “We should probably go inside,” Kris said as he reluctantly took one arm away from Nikki and reached for the room key in his pocket. 

Once they finally made it into the room after fumbling with the room key Kris removed his jacket and Nikki her jersey. Both were thrown onto the desk before shoes were quickly kicked off, well at least in Kris’ case. Nikki always wore Converse and their need to be untied was an enormous hindrance. Once her shoes were finally removed she looked up to see that Kris had also taken his tie off. 

They made their way to the bed and Kris helped Nikki to lie back against the pillows. He leaned onto his side next to her and ran his free hand along her soft cheek before bringing their lips together again. Just like that the spark ignited again. The need that they had both felt in the hallway was now greater and only one thing could quench their thirst for each other. 

Both Kris and Nikki knew what their bodies wanted and needed, but they needed to take things slow. They had only been dating for five months and had only really spent just over a month together. Were they really at that point in their relationship? Were they really ready to take that step?

This passion, this heat was not what Kris had intended or expected when he enveloped his love in his arms in the hotel lobby. Life however, has a way of giving you what you need when you need it, even if you didn’t know that you needed it in the first place. Right now what Kris needed was to be closer to Nikki. He had wanted to take things slow, but things had escalated quickly and his emotions and his need had taken over. Logically thinking was no longer a possibility. He needed to silence the ache that he felt, both in his mind and his groin. 

Nikki was in the same boat. She had never been with anyone in the way that she knew she needed to be with Kris. She should have been scared, having sex for the first time. For some reason though, she wasn’t. She wanted this more than anything. She knew that the feelings she was having were both right and real. She loved Kris and she knew that he loved her in return. Love is all you need, isn’t it?

Without even actively thinking about it Kris moved his hand that had rested on Nikki’s stomach slowly upward. The soft, strong hand came to rest on her breast and their kiss muffled the soft moan that escaped.

The kiss was broken and Kris came to sitting position, helping Nikki into one too. His hands rested at the hem of her t-shirt, but he didn’t have to ask. Nikki’s hands moved to his and helped him start to bring her shirt up, revealing more and more of her creamy skin. When the black t-shirt came to rest on the floor Nikki’s fingers fumbled with the buttons on Kris’ shirt to slowly reveal his smooth chest. Once the shirt was removed her hands unconsciously traced the strong muscles of his chest and stomach.

Soon his suit pants and her jeans were also on the floor and the two lovers were once again lying back against the pillows. “I love you, Nicolette.”

“I love you too, Kristopher.” She leaned up to kiss him again and as she did Kris trailed his fingertips over her shoulder and he tried to make his way to the clasp of her bra. “What,” she said, reality finally hitting her. “We can’t do this.”

“I’m sorry, mon amour. I wasn’t thinking, believe me I’m not trying to pressure you.” He quickly removed his hand from her and sat upright.

“That’s not what I mean. Believe me baby, I want this just as much as you do. I’m saying we can’t do this right now, we don’t have protection.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry.” He kissed her cheek gently before he remembered his brief pre-game conversation with Max. “Wait, we can do this.” He was off the bed before Nikki could ask him what he was talking about. He found his suit pants on the floor and the foil package that awaited him in the pocket. “Thank Max,” He said, holding the packet up for her to see.

Soon the remaining clothing was shed and the latex covering Kris’ aching appendage. Nikki lay back against the pillows and Kris took a moment to take in the scene as well as her beauty. Everything about the scene was perfect. “Are you sure about this?”

“Positive.” Kris placed a kiss on Nikki’s forehead before slowly connecting them at the waist. Nikki winced in pain and Kris did his best to enter slowly, kissing her softly to take her mind from the discomfort. Soon the pain was gone, completely replaced by pleasure. 

The pleasure did not last very long, but both Nikki and Kris were content and trying to catch their breath. Nikki’s head rested on Kris’ chest where it met with his shoulder and she ran her hand over his chest. It had been a long and eventful today for both lovers, with the most recent event being the most tiring; so after ten minutes of lying contently in each other’s arms Kris pulled the sheet over them. “Je t’aime,”Kris said before gently kissing Nikki lips.

“Je t’aime aussi, Kristopher, je t’aime aussi.”


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