Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chapter Thirteen.

"Morning," Kris said when he felt Nikki stir.

"Good morning Kristopher, how long have you been awake?"

"A few minutes," he said as she sat up in bed, a smile on her face. "You're so beautiful when you sleep."

Her smile grew, "Thank you. I only have two more days after today, what are we going to do today?"

At this Kris began to smile. He certainly wasn't happy that she would be leaving soon, but he had an idea, not of what to do for the day but what to do at that very moment. Running his hand down her cheek drew a smile, he pressed his lips to hers and lightly ran his hand along her arm; a chill rolling down her spine. "You okay?" He asked pulling away.

"Yeah it just tickled."

"Ticklish are we?"

"No." Nikki was more than just a little ticklish and even the slightest touch could get her to squirm. Once in school her friends had ganged up on her during a free period and caused her to fall out of her chair because she was laughing so hard.

Kris was willing to find out for himself and began to tickle her stomach, this caused her to fall back to a laying position and squirm as a laugh much more than a giggle escaped her lips. He stopped for a moment to allow her to breathe normally, once she caught her breath he began again.

"Kris please, I hate being ticklish."

He was soon forced to stop when Nikki turned to try to get him to release her and there was a loud pop. "Oh my god, Nikki, are you okay?"

Trying to bring herself to a sitting position she fell back as a piercing pain shot through her left shoulder.


Deciding that the best thing to do was to go to the hospital Kris filled a bad with ice and instructed Nikki to hold it on her shoulder until they got to the hospital. Nikki had injured her shoulder before and she knew that she had popped it out, but it had never hurt this bad. Kris had apologized at least ten times before they left the house and by the time they had made it to the hospital he had said that he was sorry close to fifty times. Each time Nikki couldn't think of what to say that would make it better, after all it was his fault but he didn't mean to do it.
"Kristopher, really I'll be fine you don't have to worry."

The automatic doors opened at the emergency room and after filling out a lot of paper work they were lead to a small room and told that the doctor would be with them soon. "You would think that at the emergency room they would treat things as an emergency and actually see you."
Nikki laughed, she had always felt the same way.

After a half an hour a man in a white lab coat finally entered the room. He mentioned his name but Nikki didn't care what it was, she wanted him to fix her shoulder so that the pain would go away. She had been at the hospital for close to two hours already and the pain was as great as when she had popped her shoulder out at eight that morning. "So it's your left shoulder?"

"Yes," Nikki said aloud, but in her head she was cursing at the doctor, 'That's what I wrote on the forms isn't it? Or did I fill out ten forms for no reason?'

"Okay, I'm going to need you to change into this gown," he said grabbing a paper gown from the white cabinet. "I'll be back in a few minutes." He placed the gown on the table that Nikki sat on and left the room.

Kris and Nikki quickly made bets on how long the doctor would really be gone before Nikki got down from the table and Kris went to leave the room so that she could change. "You don't have to leave, it'll be like I'm wearing a bathing suit."

Kris removed his hand from the door handle and turned back around to face her, "Are you sure?"

"You can turn around and look at the wall if you want, just don't leave."

Kris turned to the wall and Nikki first removed her jeans first figuring that they would cause the least amount of pain. Once they had landed on the floor she began to remove her t-shirt, cringing the whole time. When she finally had the shirt over her head she sighed, relieved that she didn't have to inflict any more pain upon herself. All the while Kris was picture how she had looked the day before when they were in the pool. This was why he didn't hear Nikki say that it was okay to turn around the first time. "Kris!"


"I said you could turn around." He did and found Nikki struggling to get back onto the table. He helped her up and placed a kiss on her cheek.

Almost thirty minutes after the doctor left there was a knock at the door. The door slowly opened and he peeked in before entering. "Oh, you didn't have to take your jeans off."
'Then why didn't you make things easier and just say, 'Take your shirt off.'?' Nikki said to herself. She jumped down off the table and pulled her jeans up and the gown down over top of them. With Kris' help she again got back on the table and stared at the doctor, waiting for him to say something.

"Let's get your vitals and then we'll take a look at your shoulder."

'Finally,' Nikki thought. Once her heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing were all checked she was asked to remove the gown. 'Well what was the point of putting it on in the first place?'

She ripped the gown down the middle and Kris couldn't help but stare. The doctor took her right hand and began to move her arm, asking if it hurt. 'Of course it hurts you moron, I wouldn't be here if it didn't hurt.'

"Well it seems as though you've dislocated your shoulder." 'No shit,' Nikki thought. "The severity though is unknown so we'll have to get you an MRI." 'Awesome, more waiting.' "It'll be an hour or two before we can fit you in, so maybe get something to eat just try to relax."

"Thank you," she said just before he left the room.

By this point it was already almost eleven o'clock and neither Nikki nor Kris had eaten anything all day. "I'm going to go grab us something to eat, okay?"

Nikki nodded, when Kris left Nikki grabbed the remote and turned the small tv on. Kris returned fifteen minutes later with food that would only require one hand to eat, chicken fingers and fries.
It was one-fifteen when there was a knock on the door again. It had been two and a half hours since the doctor left, during that time Kris had helped Nikki back into her shirt, they had both eaten, and watched five tv shows. "I'm so sorry about it taking so long," the doctor said. 'No you're not,' Nikki thought. "Let's get you upstairs."

Nikki hopped off the table again and was lead to the room where she would finally get her MRI. The MRI itself didn't take long and once she was done Nikki was sent back downstairs to the room she had been sitting in all day.

Finally, an hour after walking back down to her room it was almost three o'clock, she had spent her entire day in the hospital, and there was another knock on the door. "Well I'm sure you'll be glad to know that sugery will not be required to repair it." Nikki smiled at this but was upset because she could have just popped it back in herself that morning and not had to spend her day being irritated with doctors and watching French TV. "This is going to hurt, but once it's back in all the pain will go away." The doctor grabbed her arm and just as easily as her shoulder had come out it went back in. "You'll have to be care, the next time it comes out it could require surgery."

"Thank you," was all that Nikki said. She was told that she was free to go and with that she jumped down off the table one last time, grabbed Kris' hand and they left the hospital.

"So much for me making dinner tonight," she said once they arrived back at Kris' house.

"It's fine baby. Je regret."

"Kris, really it's fine. But did I ever tell you that I hate doctors?"

"No, but I could figure it out after today. Now go sit down in the living room and I'll make dinner, d'ccord?'

"Oui mon amour."


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