Sunday, May 9, 2010

Chapter Fourteen

I know that it's been a while, but being in the AF is quite stressful. I hope you like the new chapter, it's kind of short, but I like it. Comments are greatly appreciated. Congratulations to Kris on his beautiful goal last night in game five against the Habs. GO PENS! <3

Chapter Fourteen

"I love cooking for you," he smiled . With a kiss on the cheek he started toward the kitchen before shouting back, "What do you want to eat?"

"Um.." Nikki said unsure. "Anything you make me I'm sure will be delicious," She said loud enough for him to hear from the kitchen before she softly said, " Just like you."

"What was that?" He asked pulling a skillet down from the hook above the island that held the sink as well as the stove and oven.

"Nothing," She didn't know what to think now.

"You said I was delicious," he placed the skillet down on the stove top and started towards her.

"No I didn't." She started to back away from the kitchen as Kris got closer. Kris nodded as if to say, 'Yes you did.' "Okay, what if I did?"

"Well if you would have said that I was delicious then I would have said that you are the most beautiful girl that I've ever seen. And then I would do this." He had been holding her until this point but now he ran his hand along her smooth cheek before gently bringing her lips up to his. Kris' fingers were laced and his hands rested behind Nikki's neck, holding her close. Nikki ran her hands up and down Kris' back before grabbing a hold of his t-shirt in an attempt to deepen the kiss. She was successful.

Kris was slightly taller than Nikki, okay almost an entire foot taller, so kissing while standing was do-able, but wasn't exactly comfortable. They were both obviously thinking the same thing because at the same time they started towards the couch without breaking the kiss.

Eventually it was broken though when they had to sit down on the couch, it was only for a few, they sat down as quickly as possible and once they were both comfortable they picked up where they left off.

Nikki moved closer and closer, soon she found herself being lifted into Kris' lap; she certainly didn't object. They had only been together for a few days, but they had been friends for eight months, and she was so comfortable with him. All that she could think about was the man that was holding her so close. She was pulled from her thoughts when Kris' tongue grazed her lower lip; it was a surprise, but definitely a good one. She parted her lips enough to capture his lower lip, nibbling on it gently as he did the same with her upper lip. A chill rolled down her spine as his tongue grazed her lip again, this time her upper lip though.

After what seemed like forever Kris tongue finally grazed hers, she tilted her head to the right making it easier for Kris and soon their tongues were 'battling'. It didn't last super long and Kris forced himself to end the kiss. He pulled away reluctantly and placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. "I'm sorry but dinner would never get made if I kept that up."

Nikki's face still held a smile as Kris got up off the couch after picking her up off of his lap and placing her down in spot next to him. "It's fine, we'll have to do that again some time."

Kris smiled, "So about dinner?"

He was just making it to the kitchen when Nikki turned around on the couch to face him. "Grilled cheese?"

"Sounds good to me, and tomato soup?"

Somehow Nikki's smile grew wider, "With milk?"

"Of course," he was somehow even more in love with her. "I knew I loved you for a reason."

"Hey, I was about to say that." Nikki smiled.

Soon dinner was finished and eaten, if was an early dinner, but that gave them more time to just sit and enjoy each others company.


"Did you bring your skates likes I asked you to?" Kris asked the next morning at breakfast.

"Of course."

When breakfast ended they threw their dishes in the sink, grabbed their skates and hoodies and headed to the car. Nikki of course hadn't brought a hoodie so she had to borrow one of Kris'.

They had great time skating and when they arrived home Nikki tried to give the hoodie back that she had taken off before they left the arena. "Keep it," Kris said handing the black hoodie back to her. It was a Foreur's hoodie, he had another one and he had thought about giving this one to her anyway.
"Are you sure?"

"Something to remember me by, who knows when we're going to see each other again after I drop you off at the airport. But I promise you, we're going to stay together no matter what. You are my girlfriend and I love you, I waited long enough to have you for myself and I'm not going to lose you, okay?" All Nikki could do was smile and nod.


  1. "Anything you make me I'm sure will be delicious," She said loud enough for him to hear from the kitchen before she softly said, " Just like you."
    ^^ favorite part. haha.
    great chapter, as always!!
    cant wait to read more! :)

  2. also this was just what I wanted to read on a Sunday afternoon, thank you! Hope AF is going well.

  3. Hahaha excellent. Not sure I'm going to like them being apart.... Kris is delicious, probably more delicious than dinner!

  4. cute! I'm happy I saw this today.

    You've inspired me to start my own story which I may be posting soon... no promises though.

  5. So, miss author... quite recently is has come to my attention that Mr. Letang is sexy. I do not know why this hasn't occured to me before, and he still irritates me from time to time (I tihnk it's the wall moments that we don't have *lol*) but he is growing on me.
    And after this chapter, I kind of want to tackle him*
    I know... it would be bad... I mean, it would be good, but bad because then I'd like get arrested and wouldn't be able to see them anymore. Or go to games, or even write.

    Ok, I'm being dramatic and rambling... but I loved your update* It made me smile and love Tanger a lil more*

    p.s. He is rather delicious! Ha!

  6. awe!!!! That was so cute. Him giving her the hoodie and tthen saying he didnt want to lose her I <3 this!